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[ROH] The Return of the Green Enforcement Agency


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Just now, Neko said:

I guess ppl forget tCW started the Global

No, they don't.

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Former leader of Chocolate Castle 4/1/2021

"It's pretty easy to get abused by Rosey without being a weirdo about it" - Betilius

"Rosey is everything I look for in a fighter" - partisan

"I’m very much not surprised that Lossi has you blocked tbh" - @MCMaster-095

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1 minute ago, Charles the Tyrant said:

We just value your allies better than you do. 

not my ally i'm a neutral 

1 minute ago, ArcKnox said:

The alliance who sparked the war is distinct from the alliances prolonging it.

true true but nothing could have been prolonged if it wasn't started also as the leader of Mensa HQ i must ask why you aren't in Mensa HQ and instead in TGH

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Guest Elijah Mikaelson
5 minutes ago, kalev60 said:

Been telling Sphinx from the start to join the winning side, as Colo A is still in lead with stats, only sad thing is TCW now has -20bil net damage we did as colo B to start undoing, don´t think we can climb into positives now.... 

You really follow those fake stats from NPO, I thought this war on Col B side and when i left they moved my damage taken to Soup lol tho i had never been in soup, so yeah i would ignore those stats.

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9 minutes ago, Cooper_ said:

Yes NPO, I know you don't wanna admit it, but PR matters.

Best of luck to our brothers and sisters-in-arms now engaged on the front lines.  

I'm looking around at you and your allies and I see nobody that is in a position to do anything about it. In a matter of days, all these newcomers will be dealt with as well. That is the order of things.

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