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1 hour ago, Inst said:

"Concern trolling". If Alex is being pinged over this, let me point out that this is a microcosm of the forums. It's just people pretending that they know things feigning concern for people they detest against a volume of authoritative information otherwise, including commentary on mainstream religious practices which are implicitly being called insane.

Kind of narcissistic to think this is all about you isn’t it?

I couldn’t care less what you do, as you clearly wont listen to reason. When you can start convincing other people, who might be desperate, to follow your insanity then I have issues. 

I’d also like to note that if you’re defending fasting by citing religion, you’re already conceding that it’s illogical, as all religions are. 

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Oh no, religions are quite logical if you understand what a predicate logic system actually means. In practice, the point is that there's an established practice with substantial medical research on practitioners and information on the long-term health effects.


But once again, my point about people blowing hard about things they don't understand applies to your commentary.

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