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Goon organisation blatant circumvention of game rule regarding Real-World Transactions for In-Game Materials and using in-game advertisements to promote their money-grab scheme


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My boi Trolly was banned for doing basically the same thing: selling in-game currency and perks for real life money. Your move, Alex.

Lest I forget: I was leaked this. Apparently, according to the leaker, this is the Goons forum. 


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1 minute ago, Michaellaneous said:

I know this is hard to understand, but us accepting a pubbie into the alliance is literally destroying your entire argument, and with it this hilarious farce of a report.

You don't think Alex wouldn't already have told us to stop if he thought what we do is wrong?

im not privy to alexs thoughts as you claim to be. And your recent steering away from rulebreaking behaviour seems to make you very proud. Keep at it. We will bring you on the right track one step at a time.

Until then, Mars lives rent free in your headspace

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Throw me to the wolves and I’ll return leading the pack.

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1 hour ago, Do Not Fear Jazz said:

SomethingAwful.com is not owned by me nor anyone else in PnW GOONS. What someone does to try and get into our alliance is up to them.


Bluetarch's comments in op clearly indicate otherwise. They clearly establish that membership of Something Awful is intrinsic to be a member of GOONS in PnW. And that membership costs $9.95

Yep, totally not a scam.

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Membership to Something Awful is not a "subscription", it's a one-off payment.

Money from membership costs doesn't get funnelled to anyone in the GOONS alliance on P&W, it gets sent to a man with a fragile spine to cover SA's webhosting costs.


All of which is completely moot, by the way, because it's already been established that Something Awful membership is not a prerequisite to joining GOONS. 


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