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Hardball World News - 10/6/19

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We're back!

Sorry for the hiatus! We've been a bit busy dealing with a nuclear plant disaster that crippled our nation to alert the world of the news coming out of Hardball. Now that Hardball World News with your host King Changeup is back, let's get in to the news!

Here are some recent top stories: 

-A nuclear plant explosion on Four Mile Island killed thousands of people and forced over 120,000 more to evacuate. 

-Mass protests in four major cities after Orbis ruler Alex proposes a nerf of Hardball's national pastime, baseball.

-Scientists have confirmed that the cause of the FMI plant meltdown was human error and violation of protocol during Hurricane Jackson which caused major flooding and high winds in the area. This also delayed evacuations due to unsafe travel conditions.

-The movie "The Goonies" has been banned in Hardball due to suggestive language in the title. 

-Construction has began on the two previously announced major infrastructure projects in Hardball. 

That's it for today, we'll see you next time on Hardball World News!

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