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MineLegotia and Equestria

Not getting any Steel

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Hey guys. First time here.


Anyways, my nation, https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=131329, isn’t receiving any steel despite having enough iron and coal for it. My revenue even says i’m Supposed to be producing 60 tons of steel a day. But i’m stuck at 9 steel. I already waited over the course of a week and it’s still hasn’t grown  


Send help please. Thanks.


also here’s a snapshot


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Hi there,

I took a look at your nation- the reason you're not producing any Steel is that your cities don't have power. 


In your capital city, MineLegoEquestriaton, for example, you have 2 Oil Power Plants (which each power up to 500 infrastructure) but you have 1,200 infrastructure, causing your city to go unpowered. You'll need to build a third Oil Power Plant (or sell 200 infrastructure, but I'd strongly recommend just buying another power plant instead.)

Your Steel Mills require power to operate. Not all improvements require power, but you'll see which ones do designated with a lightning bolt icon on the city page.


You may have noticed that your other Manufacturing, Commerce, and Military improvements are not working as well due to the lack of power.

Your other cities do not have power for the same reason - they have 0 or not enough power plants. Building more power plants in each city will give them power (so long as you have Oil in your nation to fuel them) and allow your city improvements which require power to operate correctly.


I hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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16 hours ago, MineLegotia and Equestria said:




No worries, it happens :)

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