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Khris Kruel

The Nation of Legislation has been formed!

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The revolution has ended. The smoke has settled. The brotherhood has been born.

Justice has prevailed and our new leader Khris Kruel has been established in the new nation. We have overthrown the plutocrats! All hail the glorious red eye!

As we speak, our citizens are being released of their worldly possessions and given their daily supplement of LSD and Marijuana. This is what the country wants and needs. This is what the revolution was for. No more burdening of the mind, only expanding. No spiritual oppression, only liberation.

While the nation is called Legislation because of the old ways, there will be a reconditioning of everything that is the red eye. Our country is in a period of transition. The following proclamations are hereby instituted:

-All peace treaties are null and void

-All trade deals are null and void. If you still wish to do trade with the glorious spiritual nation of Legislation, please submit your application and prior trade experience with the Ministry of Paperwork to be processed. We will need to review your cultural sensibilities to see if it is prudent to trade with your nation.

-All diplomats have had their minds and body expanded, indefinitely. We are not accepting diplomats at this time.

-All neighboring countries will have their truths heard, and we support you. You will also be hearing about our pleasurable experience of booty raiding very soon. It is our main export!

What is it like in the nation of Legislation? Well, the citizens spend 12 hours a day in our marijuana and LSD dispensaries. All revenue generated from our citizens is placed in the Ministry of Booty, where we will distribute according to need. Mainly the military. After work, our citizens will be free to go anywhere in the nation as long as it is in a pleasure dome. There they will smell the air of freedom opium, partake in mandatory marijuana and LSD experiences, and let their physical flesh be one with as many other spiritual warriors as possible. We bend over and worship the red eye with all our might.

Please, if you are ready to let us export our booty raids, send your request to the Ministry of Love, and we will send a vanguard of love to you as soon as possible. You may have your cultural differences, but I promise ours will be very convincing! We are excited to share our culture with you as soon as possible!

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