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Bjorn Herskerson

A Vikingr asks for a story.

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Heil til þú allr!

I am a newly minted king of an ancient Norse outpost in the Baltic Sea. While we are a modern nation with all the rights and technology needed, we have been rather isolationist for the past few centuries. I know well the history of mine own people, but I am not yet apprised of the Worlds News. I am sure there be plenty of worldly folks out there, and so I ask one and all: What be the news? Tell me of the legends your people speak of. Who are the great powers of this world? What great wars and battles have been fought?

And I also would love to exchange stories of your own peoples! You see, Nye Norge was created by explorers. I wish to channel my legendary namesake, and explore more. To learn of all the sagas I may. If you would share a bit of story with this young Vikingr, he would be quite grateful.

Mayodinrr leið þinn sejl,

Bjorn Herskerson

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On 9/3/2019 at 1:31 AM, Raigen said:

Bjorn Ironside? Son of Ragnar Lothbrok? Is that really you?

I fear you have me confused, främling. My father was Hersker Tyrson. In my culture, my father had a strange name indeed, as Tyrson was the surname of one of our eight founders, and Herskerson was the surname of another of our eight founders. I have never heard of this Bjorn Ironside. I will keep an eye open for him.

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