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The Red Campaigns, Operation Bracero

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Currently, in its stages of preparation, Operation Bracero's foundations are based on foreign interventions in Red revolts, with heavier equipment and boots on the ground, but also games behind the lines and in peace, to sabotage, highjack or any other shenanigans. In the current stage of Operation Bracero reconnaissance and research is conducted on Red revolts in Asia and in the Americas, where monitors are sent to directly inspect the situation and report to an undefined location on the map, from which the second stage of Bracero will continue, based on a proper response on the conflict. 

Currently insurgents are sneaked into Red states or Red groups inside of Chinese and Middle Eastern lands, where there they are assigned their next task, ensure the safe arrival of military advisors to the RS/RG, and after that fulfill their list of assassinations of enemy figures. 

It's not late, I just don't have enough coffee for this bs atm so I'll expand this 

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