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Goals for the future

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The Xibei San ma has provided info on the tribes below, so that any nation can assess them property.

Xyine tribe: one of the most powerful tribes in the area. This tribe is the brunt of manpower for the nation.

Xibei tribe: the home of the capital city, and hoses 90% of the industry of the nation.

Vietneme tribe: houses all the coal mines for the nation, wishes to one day take back Vietnam. 

Laos tribe: hoses all the petroleum for the nation, leans very far left.

Tibetan tribe: hates the west Tibetan tribe, doesn’t hate the shogunate.

Sinxang tribe: wants to create a far left China one day.

Mongol tribe: the weakest tribe, but the most educated tribe.

Western Tibetan tribe: hates the Tibetan tribe, doesn’t hate the shogunate.

South Chinese tribe: Very democratic, doesn’t trust Mog(Corp).

Kasik tribe: wishes to one day to re-create Russia.

Tana Tuvin tribe: wants to annex all of Mongolia and re-create the Mongol Empire.

these summaries where created by the Xibei national council. (P.s, all news on the anomalies will be stated tomorrow.)


Edited by Xibei National Counsel

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