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Open invitation to a unique society.

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The invitation would be sent out to whomever decided to participate. An enclave within south Africa was set aside and corporate influence was forced upon the surrounding area. It was less of a question of obedience and more of how long they would attempt to debate who was in control. 

The chaos of the corporate territories was not a shock, though anyone willing to abandon their security would find themselves lost and potentially unsaved. Any protests were put down well before it would be recorded for external use, and internally would be even more forced down by whatever was required, occasionally an entire arcology was wiped out. The chittering of company soldiers would never be lost, but likely never fully understood by foreigners.

It just proved the strength of the corporate system, external influence was the problem, so long as an structure was obedient to it's master there was no problems in the world, and disobedience would be met with a crackdown that proved a weakness in former leaders.

Silence was the only reply to gripes against the system, public export saw a massive population supporting the company policy, thousands reaching out to try to even exist in the same space as global influencers. 

Opponents were fighting supposedly, it was important to show them alternative choices, perhaps we could all live in the same world and make choices based off long term scenarios rather than simply agreeing to the wagging of objects which could never be used.

Weapons of unimaginable power had always existed it was just there were so few willing to hit the button.

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