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The United Armies is pulling out of the war

Sir Carlo

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23 minutes ago, Sir Carlo said:

Hello everyone. I am here to tell you all that the United Armies is pulling out of the war. We hereby agree upon the terms given to us by Count Adam#8583 (discord tag). The terms of our withdrawal are:

1.) No aiding Coalition B and/or future entries

2.) No further aggression

Please cease all attacks on us for the time being until the war has ended.



Sir Carlo
Leader of the United Armies

Hope you guys had fun!

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54 minutes ago, Asierith said:

Thanks for the help, guys. All things considered, you've done pretty damn well. We're pretty chuffed that you guys threw yourself into the war to fight with us, despite still being a new alliance.

Best of luck for the rebuild o7

Well done fellas o7

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5 hours ago, ShadyAssassin said:

We should just have a thread dedicated to this lol
It is getting difficult to keep count of stuff

@Micchan is doing that for us internally. In all honesty with out his topic some of us would have declared on withdrawn nations.... or forgotten someone even fought. 


Anyway don't be hating on tUA for this. They fought, now they rest. Take care guys. 

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