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Petty doesn't look good on you

Barry Allen

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In the early hours of the morning Khufu would begin making his rounds with the generals and advisory council of the empire. The meetings would start with the current status of the nation. "The Empire is very alive and well sir, the hospitals are at full operation and many diseases have been eradicated  around the Empire, new and more improved infrastructure is being put in place and the population are already starting to love you." Khufu would nod and then direct his attention to the generals who would all be asking to militarize. Khufu of course would give a subtle nod and a raised hand to silence them as he begins to bark out orders for increased military presence. The meeting would last for a few hours before all of them being dismissed and Khufu returning to sipping some tea

#WALDOASF SIGGIF.gif.fbe87157f6507ae8c6df0ee1d66bd3b1.gif

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