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Patrick Higgins

In Response to the Collapse of the Masrani Global Corporation

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United Mexican States

Current Situation of the Nation

Following the social and economic collapse of the Masrani Global Corporation (MGC), the Mexican border has seen an influx of immigrants flooding in from the north, particularly in the most populated areas bordering Texas and California. As such, President Anaya ordered more border security in order to better control the immigration levels. Mexico does indeed welcome immigrants, but statistics such as unemployment and crime cannot rise especially in such a young nation.

Despite MGC’s clear aggression towards the formation of the UMS, especially after militarization of the Panama Canal, the Mexican Government plans to come together and work on a plan for what to do with the now unclaimed northern territories. Mexican nationalists in congress demand that Mexico expand to her original borders and beyond as revenge for what the Americans did when they disgraced the former Mexican Empire. Meanwhile, more moderate and left wing Mexican politicians believe that a reformation to the United States from the already existing nation of Britannia through diplomacy is a better solution, as Mexico cannot not overextend her borders to the point at which she cannot sustain herself.

As congress falls into a frenzy, President Anaya has sided with the United Nations’ decision of reforming the United States out of the now desolate lands. However, even though President Anaya clearly favors one side of congress, he is known as The Great Compromiser of Mexico, so whether or not he will outright reject the Mexican nationalists’ policies is unknown. Northern Mexico citizens are also divided on the issue, as some support moving out of their dilapidated shacks and into fancy mansions of California, while those who oppose fear and invasion from a possibly imperialist Britannia.

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The borders would be much more open than the prior corporation, it was easy enough to simply allow more transit and trade and offer Mexican Nationals favorable deals for hotels and the like in their own currency to incentivize the situation. The money gained would be used with further trade with Mexico and other communist leaning governments.

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