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The glorious adventures of Evil Bo


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19 minutes ago, Kitschie said:

This is what happens when we stop teaching cursive in schools.


8 minutes ago, Epi said:

This is what happens when we stop teaching kids English in school

Nah, that's what happens when you get zeroed for 3 months. :P

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Cursive?   Looks like chicken scratch.   Can someone translate for this poor old man.

Also hope you got paid well for. The heavy lifting. 

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Legal Disclaimer:

My opinions do not necessarily reflect of the opinions of my alliance, allies, enemies or neutrals.

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Intentional troll. Very nice effort.


A transcription: (=== for pagebreak, ___ for in-text breaks) Censored text refers to female sex aids. _ indicates underlining, not italics.


I tried to keep as much fidelity as possible, so SIC applies.




Evil bo was a spy of Syndiq. Not Just any Spy. There'are best Spy. AS As he zommed around the galaxy in his flying cow-napper, notied a new shiny blue botton on the Controls. The Lable reaD in very small thed was Jamed in "Totally _not_ A Trap, instaled by Guardian. PS we are _totally_ telling the Truth, please press me." He of course Knew I was a trap and ignored it, he after all was ther very best Spy in all of sndiq. More however had important info deliver.

Guardian planed to launch a few Single Ship Atacks that would forsure result in a few embarrassing beiges for his fellow Church of Spaceology if they were not warn.

However, that Shiny blue button Kept attracting his attention. Eventaly he decided to press the button figuring his mates still wouldn't build ships even if he warned them. Even at the worse he could ^surely avoide injury, after all

He was Sydiq best spy.


As such he slowly Reached forward and pressed the button, and as he did so he thought it would be nothing more than a dio meme


At last he smashed the button not pushed but smashed. With a woop and woosh A XL dragon sized !@#$ shot through his seat and his space Suit too. In fact is shot Balls deep into his ass. And with a grin he schucked "Guardian u jed to be better"

I, being have ^After All the very best all of syndiq have had to tak much bigger the past, so this is no trouble at all.


Short lived was his grin, for not a Jiffy Latter the roof of his cow napper popped off and sent him wooshing through space, For being the very best of syndiq he didn't Wear a set belt for those ar for whimps that [crossout: the XL dragon !@#$ visible through Exit bets stomach[


Horror that the xl dragon !@#$ Had begun to grow

In fact its said that XL dragon !@#$ grew 3x sizes that day


The records infact show that the scene Looked like a Strange henti the XL dragon !@#$ was visible through evil Bos stomach. __But__ the show is not over far as the !@#$ grew So did the whole in Evil bo's space suit. And as the last of his air Leaked away He thought 'At Least it wasn't a dio meme. But it was not so for at the Last the screen projector in the Cownapper did display

'you thought this was a trap But it was me


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