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Meeting the Egyptian


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In an effort to move into the African markets, the Board of Directors decided to seek a HQ location to adminstrate regional manufacturing, logistics, and sale ooperations throughout the African markets and Egypt was decided to be a good location. With that, a proposal was sent to the Egyptian government:


1. The Egyptian Government will allow Masrani Global and her subsidiary companies to buy land and gives authorization to do business inside Egyptian borders

2. Egypt will house the Masrani Global's African Headquaters in the capital of Egypt. This will ensure that Masrani Global and her subsidiaries do not need to find alternative solutions to centralize administrative anywhere else in Africa

3. Masrani Global and her subsidiary companies will not colonize any African lands and will support any United Nations Resolutions that forbid foreign colonization of Africa.

4. Egypt will not disturb any lawful operations handled by Masrani Global on the African continent as long as it follows the laws and  customs of the land it is operating in unless Masrani Global and her Subsidiary companies violate this contract. 

5. This contract must be renewed every two years, 2 months before the end of the contract, or the agreement is cancelled. If cancelled, Masrani Global and her subsidiary companies will be allowed to stay until the end of contract and then must be removed from Egyptian soil and will be given a 2 month period for Masrani Global and her subsidiary companies  time to remove all Masrani Global assets from Egypt.


The Board of Directors await for the Egyptian Government to respond.

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Upon receiving news of the launch of the agreement Pharaoh Khnum Khufu would release a short statement during a press conference on the expansions in foreign affairs. 

"The Eternal Empire of Egypt is pleased to see these accords put into action and we hope for a fruitful future between our two nation's and I would like to personally wish prosperity and growth on Masrani Global"

#WALDOASF SIGGIF.gif.fbe87157f6507ae8c6df0ee1d66bd3b1.gif

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With the approval of the Egyptian government, Masrani Global and her Subsidiary companies start purchasing property and land throughout Egypt for the following Industries: Medixal Healthcare(32 hospitals to be exact), Mascom Communications services(Satalite installments and mobile wireless devices. Every area of Egyptwill have access to the vast MasCom Systems), InGen Genetics laboratories in isolated areas(employees will be relocated to the research stations, creating new towns to house them), Timack Construction offices and warehouses and a Tatsuo Technology Manufacturing plant. The Masrani Global's African Adminstration Offices, which will be located in Egypts capital will act as a central hub for the company, and keep an open line of communications between Masrani Global and Egypt. Masrani Global will use primarily local workforce, hiring thousands of Egyptians, with a negotiated wages for each individual. Each associate shall receive benefits that will cover the following: Healthcare, Vision, Dental, Retirement Plan(Optional. Perc of their pay will be held back and placed into a Savings Account which is not touchable unless the associate retires or is no longer employed by Masrani Global via termination or resigning their positions), Ability to purchase Masrani Global stocks at a reduced rate and sell them 10% higher than the market value, sick pay, holiday days, maternity/paternity leave, free cellular devices and lines via MasCom Services, Interest free loans and paid education(Must sign a work contract, time of contract determines the cost of the degree.) We expect to hire 90% of the staff from local workforce, leaving 10% to relocate to Egypt to train and assist the local population that accept a job position with Masrani Global



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