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Hello, our friends and comrades from all over the Orbis - we here in Dumberian Empire have collided a giant problem.

Some bad things happened THL (The Hanseatic Lüftwaffe (on a sidenote, it is clearly a Nazi reference)) discord server.

Yesterday, when i came there to chill out after another hard day of looking at my people working in the mine. I expected to have fun and nice talk, but just few minutes in their Heir level government member deeply insulted me by saying - let me quote - "you are dumb", with no clear reason (He didn't even participate in the talk before he said it!).

I told rest of their government to take care of this clearly uncultured lad, then i turned discord off, this event wasted my day.

Today i came here back, giving them a chance and requesting apology. Guess what i got. They refused to give me my mod role, and when i opposed my messages were deleted and i was muted. 


As you can see, we, the colective of all good people left here in Orbis, have to take action in our own hands.

Because of these severe reasons, Mirko Bratić, by God's will Emperor of Dumberia, OG of United Hoods and prince of Camelot hereby declared war upon the terrorist-led Hans Lüftwaffe. 

It's up to all our People - yes, unlike THL we give them rights to vote - to declare any wars on THL and it's allies. We will most probably remain neutral during this conflict. PLEASE NOTE, that as long as we don't start any wars with THL, any attack on Dumberia by them or their allies is also an attack on all Animation Domination and THEIR allies.

We also request YOU, good people, to help us. Please refrain from direct attacks - we are strongly against it. You can join their discord and tell them what do you think about this situation, make ads condemning THL or message them in-game. Thank you.


Post written from desk of your well respected friend and all beloved comrade, Mirko Bratić.


https://discord.gg/stGWeBP - THL discord invite.


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So, okay, lemme get this straight... You went to another alliance's discord server, took insult over such strong language as being called "dumb", asked for a moderator role on their discord, was denied that, you complained about it and were muted, and now declare war without actually declaring war, and request everyone else to join your war by raiding their discord yet refraining from any in-game actions?

What are you on and where can I get some? ?

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