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Trade Restrictions based on age of nation

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Yet another tool that sounds good in theory, but really just screws over players who play by the rules.

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P sure you can recive cash/rrs from an alliance, but not a player.
It's 30 days:  politicsandwar.wikia.com/wiki/Frequently_Asked_Questions

What is the trade restriction on new nations and nations on the same network?

New nations under 30 days old cannot buy resources at prices outside of +30%/-30% the average market price for the resource. This is to prevent new nations from being created to immediately trade away all of their money. Using alliance banks, or other trade manipulation to avoid this restriction may result in your nation being removed or banned from Politics & War.

Similarly, nations that have been flagged for being on the same network will be restricted to the same +30%/-30% regulation, on both buying and selling offers.

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