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Captain Jack

Read RIP #2

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Ahoy! Welcome to RIP, the paper for pirates, mercenaries and low down folk. Brought to you by a drunken pirate who fancies himself a man of letters. 




If anyone ever had a good thing to say about peace, it must be that it leaves plenty of potential for war. Where diplomacy fails, being strong is what counts. And sometimes you can't fight because diplomacy succeeds. So what's a pirate to do?

If your anything like ole Captain Jack, then you hire somebody to fight on your behalf. In this ruthless orb, you need a crew to do the dirty work of stealing loot. There's fighting to be done and people who need to fight. Theres a wealth of services for a pirate, Mercenaries Ink. has found itself as a hub for these services. 

An open space where mercenaries can ply their trade and everyone around can decide what they need. It's a perfect market if you ask me. Choosing a gun for hire has never been easier, and why risk yourself when someone else can do it for you? Or if you just need the help, never go alone into battle. 

It's been managed by The Dragon King since August, he provides this as a service to help everyone who needs it. He had this to say"It is hard to find someone who you can truly trust these days. So why should you trust me? I can not definitivly prove to you that you can trust me. Ultimately, it's up to you "  Lets hope he's trustworthy,  hopefully with his efforts the mercenary trade will be booming.




If your a leader type, you'll be more in need of just a crew. To hire an army, look no further than Conquer Paramilitary. Allies can be notoriously bad when you need them most, they can even make your situation worse! Why bank on things like "trust" or "loyalty" when you can just buy your allies?

No longer will you worry if your allies can fight, leave it to the trained professionals, before they are turned on you! Money talks my friends, let it say a lot, when you have an army on your side. 



Listen closely, you didn't hear this from me, If you need help facilitating these kind of activities, head on over to Securitas Detective Agency, we handle discretionary activities and information. We learn what you need to know. 



I have bad news 

I've seen progress inside the global peace talks discussion, always a sad day when peace seems likely. Luckily for us it didn't seem productive, hopefully this means more war for everyone in the coming weeks. You know what they say, war makes the world go round.



I've heard tale of a mysterious place, no one can say exactly what goes on there or why, just that it's apparently a place to make money. All I know is that it's totally not the mafuza. A pirate like me loves a shady place, this one might be worth checking out. 


Thanks to Hassan for this story:

One time, a bunch of RR counters came attacking and that wasn't a pretty day.. I just looted 21M that day and was gonna get a new city, But they had me blockaded and were stealing my cash damn fast..

What i did is, I told them i'd pay 10m to each of them to peace out. They agreed, peaced out and stopped the blockades. But you can never trust a pirate, can ya'? I sent it all to the Arrgh! bank and they redeclared, getting angry.

And i felt honoured they wasted missiles on destroying barely anything in my nation. Well, got beiged and some infra lost, but it was all worth it in the end.

Moral of the story: Never trust a pirate!

Great addition from Hassan, I'll say a pirate can only trust a pirate and in terms of stealing booty.



"Heaven you fool? Did you ever hear of any pirates going thither? Give me hell, it's a merrier place: I'll give Roberts a salute of 13 guns at entrance." — Thomas Sutton


Thanks for reading, please send hate mail.  


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I hope you realize PIT stands for Pirate Island Times because it was cofounded by Bluebear 

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He put in effort, that's all we ask

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