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Hello to Mister and Mrs. America and all the ships at sea — I'm VERANO, rhymes with PIANO, and am a bit of a noob to P&W. But a long, long time ago, in a different username, I used to play this game called "Cyber Nations" (pre-Karma), and a beautiful failure called Lunar Wars, too... I was never anyone very important (all I did was sew flags), but if anyone knows anyone who was close to "Chimney" Chimera the once-and-always Emperor of the IAA, tell them I'm sorry I disappeared and I miss 'em all the time. I've aged like a decade since (yikes), and I'm still getting used to this Discordant post-Invision world, but I'm trying to find my way, make some friends, and maybe even meet the love of my life 🌹 (just kidding - what is love, even?) 

So hopefully I can put my itching nostalgia for CN's elaborate costume dramas to rest in this game, and stick around a bit longer, too. 

(Fun fact: I was legitimately introduced to Cyber Nations through my middle school teacher. She said it was "educational", and boy was she wroignht. God bless New Jersey.)

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