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Suprise! Suprise! It failed again

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This is calling it too early a bit don't you think, but we ran on the same retarded concept for a while now, always repeating like trying to not repair a car and hoping it will start each morning. Maybe using some household item on it but it doesn't help much at all. I am talking about NatRP and it dying more than the dreams of German World Domination. What new has happened in the RP? What has changed? I am not sure it will live much longer, players are limited in their actions foreignly, that is the case that cannot be undone, every nation will have issues with an another state and diplomacy is essential but so is direct conflict as not everything can be done with words, some people need to be persuaded with a couple of airstrikes bombings and destruction of their cities and industries to get the point to them. And seemingly logic doesn't matter in this rp, nothing does. Starting from the statistics in the beggining on the applications, anyone can adjust their GDP and Population as much as they desire, and even though they have their large numbers, logic finds no place here as they can peform practically anything. Now I accept that some people have a dif taste than me, dif interests, but the actions should be kept reasonable and there should be reprecussions to them. Now lets continue with the other parts that just leaves logic sobbing in a corner, national affairs of some states, their militaries and everything, they can be kept under the standards of the Rules, but that doesn't mean that they are advised and that they shouldn't have negative effects on you. This is not a political simulator, this is a lot of writing mixed with the need to peform governmental needs, to defend it, to mantain it all of the above. You should be reasponable with what you do, you can make up anything you want, like drop a Lenin Statue and use it as a christmas tree by deocrating it (that's called foreshadowing) but you cannot make a large Lenin-Mechabot and still be able to import necessary material willy nilly. Now if someone says "well that takes the fun out of it", the same could be applied on our behalf when everyone does whatever they want to other people and they cannot talk back or retaliate in general which leaves us on the side of saying that it's no fun.

Now there are a lot of issues going from some people in this community, no one is perfect after all, but I think that everyone should be able to use their brain and be able to know what logical is and what not. Do we really want to play the game of talking about what the issues of this rp is and just be ignored and roll out the same shit in a dif package so it can die again or will we be humans that use their brains, make a nice community for RPing, make an interesting and an enjoyable one, I seriously am beggining to think that some people here are actually challanged as why do we keep repeating the same things, we should actually try new things, test them, see if they are good or bad and not stick to the same old broken record. Let me hear your thoughts, what change do you want, what should be added, what removed, the community should speak in the behalf of what we want in the RP and not anyone else, we shouldn't let someone else choose on what we can do in this, as we are the one making the community, we should be the ones to make changes. Seriously, think about it, what do you think kills the RP constantly, what would make it flare up, just let your thoughts and soul speak as it should and not be compacted in a limited box for imagination. 

I'm writing this because do you really think it will live up much longer? It's already dying slowly, it has happened before, why do we continue this, what do you think will flare up this RP? Internal Posts that do not have much effect on the behalf of foreign affairs which means no responses nor communication and monthly expansion posts just to be bigger, on the map and just pose as a hurdle there as nobody can declare war on you or peform any sanction cause why should we prevent people from acting as God. Is someone going to mention @Mogar acting as God on earth in the RP? No and yes at the same time. He has a formidable military and a large economy but I can get behind it as it is logical, I can understand the schematics and I am sure he'd gladly talk about it if you asked. But yes his military economy and everything is big. But GDPs don't matter and everyone has a free will nor does population, and his military isn't the largest but it is very developed, now the thing is, he doesn't need much to play the game, and the reason he does that, which he mentioned many times, is to make people stop their dickwave, godmod and etc and act like normal people and not claim superiority over others for not doing anything. Still the point of this post is to talk about the future of the RP and we should have that right, to choose on how to peform in our affair, we will eventually come up to a conclusion working best for all of us as a community and we could have fun as this is what should we have here, share our thoughts, interests, ideas, writing them down and I really am getting sick of just repeating and saying the same things practically. Ending this on a note that I didn't want to go nit pick on every person, I have taken out Mogar for a specific reason as he is the one that just tries to make other people realize one or some of the issues of this RP which always kills it, and I didn't want to insult someone directly, putting most of the blame on them even though some could be taken out but i'll try to stay somewhat neutral on this affair

Well seeing as I have a bad habit of ending things, saying good night many times but not going and saying I am ending it but I am not, I'll shut up for now and you just do you peoples.

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Well from what I know the people who don't partake in the rp anymore it's because they're no longer younger and have actual irl stuff to do. Zafri, for example, stepped away bc he's getting into uni and whatnot. I stepped away previously because I was working and didn't have the energy to write.

Hell a lot of other people I don't even see anymore.

I would say it's less dickwaving (Since imo it's really just eva and Mogar now) and more the appeal is no longer there. The rp has been around for a few years and not enough fresh faces and joining. Of course if rules and all that is whats gonna make the rp great again Donald Trump style I can just point to the fact that it came and went faster than any other rp we put togther here.

My two cents of course, I stopped caring a year ago.

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