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Per your request. $yndicate CB talk.


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1 minute ago, Hodor said:

21 down votes? What did I do to piss y'all off, damn.

It’s Rose and Stark being subservient to the Snek’s demands mostly.  They’re the ones who hate you.

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56 minutes ago, Vack said:

Don't let this post distract you from the fact that in February 2018, 27 members of Terminal Jest declared war on IQ, and dealt $42.96 billion damage, whilst only taking $19.26 billion in damage.

TJ is glad that you didn't mentioned that $19.26 billion was all they had

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23 minutes ago, Nizam Adrienne said:

This statement also runs with the assumption that punishing people dissenting from bipolarity was our goal, which, given your alliance’s participation in some of these, you’re fully aware wasn’t the objective.

So was @MonkeyDLegend's ghost in TKR an actual ghosting or was he really mad at his situation in e$?

23 minutes ago, Nizam Adrienne said:

Despite the attempts of others to ascribe their own beliefs and viewpoints to our CBs, we pride ourselves on having remained as transparent and straightforward as we could have in regards to our motivations for the wars we have declared this year.

Ok, I'm calling bullshit on this.  Everything leading up to this statement sounded nice, but you were anything BUT transparent to me when I approached TKR leadership about the militarization before your hit on us.  In fact, you were the complete opposite of it.

Well, ok, maybe you guys being vague was indirectly being transparent, because that tipped me off that the war was going to happen no matter what.


Oh, and some other logs came up to surface after the war ended and some jaded people decided to share some interesting information related to the war.  Transparency is a odd word to use.

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