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The Third Infinity Alliance - and an Old Friend

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6 minutes ago, Malal said:

Shouldn't they be the soul stone? Smh


5 minutes ago, Prefontaine said:

I know, they're ruining my immersion.


3 minutes ago, Alexio15 said:

Downvote as they should be the soulstone

A for story telling though

>Ignoring the whole narrative we've been running where the stones are IQ alliances and Zodiac (reality stone) was next up, and also that Silenzio, as former BK members and leaders, fits very well thematically as Gamorra, the estranged daughter of Thanos, so that it made much more sense to go with that.



Also we haven't gotten to that part in the story yet, have we? ?

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2 hours ago, Yosodog said:

Came out of my hole to say... It'll never be as good as Shifty's stuff. Anyways, have fun or not I really don't care. 

(This is NMA)

Sup m’Lord?

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