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Destiny Arrives

The Mad Titan

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The Orders of Old now collide, each vying to purge the other and establish their Hegemony and Ideology. A Great War to once again put down in history on the mountains of dead and the ruins of great cities. Who will win? If there is a winner still standing that can truly proclaim victory beyond a Pyrrhic one. Time will tell. The Great Spheres of Orbis have marched their young, their wise, their old, and their foolish to this war. Many will die, few will return. Either a winner will be crowned, or once again it will be a bloodbath that changes little.

So prey tell, who will the true victory be? No one truly knows for now.

But it's certain that the losers are the citizens of those nations now embroiled in conflict. Their lives forever scarred once again, another scar to the heart and brain. Another war that will not be forgotten.

But arise and salute those brave to march to war, for good or for ill. For they, at least, march knowing it could very well be their last march for all they know. To defend what they believe in and to defeat what they believe is wrong.

Let the next Weltkrieg begin.

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