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Anyone else playing Skyrim VR? First Elder Scrolls game I’ve played, but I got the PSVR Skyrim Bundle. Definitely the biggest open world game on PSVR still. So far I have 1 house & 2 Companions. Tend to play every once in a while, but I like it.

You can see spells shoot out of your hands where you aim, as well as freely move your sword or other weapons based on hand movements. Shield as well. I’m a Wizard, but usually carry a good one handed weapon with me & can also summon weapons with magic. Got bit by a vampire once, but got that cured before becoming one.

Not sure if this game will be like Fallout 4, where I never end up finishing the main story. Although the VR makes the game a lot more interesting. I look forward to more open world type games coming to psvr.

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