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Unban request

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As I say I am not create or sell my nation I am not mad or sick to sell nation you ban my big nation. Well Chrisa I tell you that before making jock that I am just making jock you take it seriously you are curious and unlistenable female. And Alex one thing you make just game not world so suck your game with your g. And Ch... And whole fa.... I request many time now I have no time for mother frickers who think they are well trained but there are too much games then your P&W which mean Pisco and watenia 

So suck your g. If you're unable I will help

She is so cute


Now I say don't unban me but I am running my 3 nation successfully which can't be captured by you lols 

Your whole team can't find my 3 nations I will suck and watching you. By posting your ban and many massage out of discord

Bye lols

I frick your gf and whole family

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