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Mad Max

In Memory of Piglantia

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Sad Doots for Porky

Will be sad tbh, Piggy had always brought the cheers into the room, remember when she made fun of me that there was nothing worth raiding when I was in Panth lmao, it was a mix of a trigger person like Nexa but in a fun way and a person that you cannot be mad and just you could laugh it off like Purple moony. Was a fun ride I could say as I've expirienced a lot of her actions firsthand on my nation :v with nothing worth raiding there for a longo time kek. Anyhow, GL Piglet and we hope you won't end up on someones BBQ.

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25 minutes ago, evilpiggyfoofoo said:

Beautiful Shit

That was some beautiful shit.

I believe you'll find yourself with a hole in your life where PW will be calling you and you'll eventually come back - but maybe you'll find something new to fill your life with.

Either way you'll be missed.

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On 7/25/2018 at 8:43 PM, evilpiggyfoofoo said:

Welp I wanted to quietly disappear :P

tl;dr: Piggy is going where all pigs must go: The slaughterhouse. Thank you for feeding me into a fat juicy piggu

Thanks Max. I am not good at goodbyes or letting things go, especially not a place that I ventured into everyday for nearly two years. I am sorry I left all of a sudden without much notice, didn't think I could have the strength to stop playing if I dragged it out. I can't thank PnW enough for cheering me up and the emotional support, I found this game and community when I felt all alone irl. We all like to shit on how the community is literally the worst thing ever and that PnW is a dementor that slowly sucks the happiness out of us, but Discord was always a nice safe space I can hide in and pretend like nothing is wrong in the real world. Yall gave me a beautiful Utopian fantasy for piggies. Despite that we can't dwell forever in our fantasy, on most school nights I slept 2-3 hours and Politics & War definitely did not help with my sleep schedule. I think its time for me to leave. So before this turns into another sappy emo teenager's diary entry (sigh), I want to say thank you and goodbye. ❤️ 

Piggy Blasting Off.
3 Adult b
P.S. Ummmmm yeah oops I think I kinda deserted a war........ uhhhhhh crap I didn't mean to. DM me on Discord and we can figure this out?
P.P.S. For all those who owe me money, yall got lucky 😆
P.P.P.S. I hope I won't regret this?

You will be missed ❤️

I guess the world finally got your bacon :3

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Aww man, I'm going to be lonely without my partner in crime... I'll miss you Piggy, wish you the best of luck IRL.

P.S. If you get bored, just come back and we'll troll Seeker together.❤️

P.P.S. Don't work yourself too hard, scores aren't everything. 😄

Rest in Peace & Eternal Bacon Piglantia.

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