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To the admin: please ban this guy ; Harassment, swearing and abusive name calling

Dr Lenin Trotsky

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From: Kitsune NubZyBx.png Date: 05/20/2018 Sunday 2:26 pm stop.png

No the deal is not off.
You have Agreed to a Set amount.
Its not about him being protected by Rose.
Its about him being a member now and we are trying to end the Wars you jackass.
You agreed to 2 Million and then fully ignored everything.
You even raised it to 3 Million for no Reason.
And now when the person CAN pay it, then you say its off?
[email protected]#$ that and [email protected]#$ you. People like you literally dont deserve to play the game.


From: Kitsune NubZyBx.png Date: 05/20/2018 Sunday 8:11 am stop.png

Good Day,
Please Offer Peace to the NCR Member you Attacked. (Jake Nikolai)
You allready agreed to a 2 Million $ Bribe for Peace.
Raising it while continuesly Raiding them is unlawful extortion and you will get reported for it.
The 2 Million will be sent since you have agreed to it.

Kitsune from Rose [Kim]


1. I never agreed to anything

2. He threatened me with a report for something that doesn't exist in the second pasted message

3. He used swear words, referred to me as a jackass and was unreasonable in the first pasted message 

These are clear violations of the in game messaging system, and was committed despite my best attempts to be civil about the matter


Regarding my raise of the "amount" to $3 million, I was lied to about initial payment, hence why I increased it (in anger), and I cancelled it due to the advice of the leaders of my alliance

https://politicsandwar.com/inbox/message/id=1921352 for both messages

I hope that sincere and swift action is taken on this matter,and that this guy is taught to be more civil next time ; I have also submitted a message to the admins about the matter with more information

Kind regards,

Dr Lenin Trotsky (Communistan)

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There is this part of the game called Politics.  Not Admin & War.

Whether you made an agreement or not in-game isn't the Admin's issue.  The only way this report is legit is if the harassment, was literal harassment.  Not some political blunder you've made.  2 replies from Kitsune doesn't mean that's harassment.

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Alright, 3 things.

1. Nice warchest. That's not enough munitions nor gas to do 2 million worth of damage, so why you managed to extort 2 million is beyond me.

2. You do realize we can't see your private messages right? Why did you post a link to your own private message logs? Smh.

3. Grow a spine, you jackass.


Admins: this would be more appropriately placed in orbis central or something

Edited by Sir Scarfalot
should be moved
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