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War Stats 2.0

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3 minutes ago, element85 said:

Okay then. If you want to get so technical, then we should all be using our real names too. Why are you hiding behind an anonymous name that doesn't even belong to you? That makes you a fraudster. Nice try. 

*shrugs* Jones' name sounds 'half African' anyway. How dare you assume whether or not it's his real name! Leftists everywhere will be here momentarily screeching about your blatant racism. For shame mate, don't bring those types to our humble autist community! 

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On 4/17/2018 at 12:54 PM, element85 said:



speaking of how "amazing" BK is.. nice wc you got there.



but sinse I'm getting "rekt", clearly you guys have made me spend so much of my wc!

I mean, I have to use about 100k a day to beige you guys and do millions in damages!!one1!!!

meanwhile you guys have to use 1.5m of gas/mutis per attack, which is so much more than the 300k of infra I lose!!

that's more than your entire steel/aluminium wc is worth probably.


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On 4/17/2018 at 7:35 PM, Them said:

He also did destroy a good 25 million in tanks, which far outstrips the infra damage done to his 900 infra cities :P

Do not minimize my Pain!  The 500 or so net Infrastructure cost me over $1M to fix.  And I all I did in return was destroy a measly ~8500 net Steel.

Sadly if War comes again it will almost certainly be a similarly lopsided damage ratio.  I weep for my poor stats and inadequate performance. 

Edited by Esentia

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