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Maelstrom was happy with the growth of Dragonisia. Its cities sprung up across its domain, championed by the Order which it had joined. Its power grew and its capacity to wage war grew at an astounding pace, although it remained for now, at peace. His people and their new found associates were persistent in keeping a steady rate of growth. It still had far to rise in the world, but he was content with its progress always taking the long game to its extreme in the immortality that the Gift from Istaria where he was born had granted him. While generations of humans, and even other dragons, would rise an fall around him. He and his Empress Koudoawaia never seemed to age a day. It was even reported that he lead a battle to crush a revolt in the hills of Eastern Kentucky.. fell to death, and yet somehow was found fine the next day. His corpse had gone missing from where it had fallen. He claimed he was just knocked conscious, but he knew the truth. He'd consumed his own body to hide his immortality because he knew it would be a concept that could make him and his beloved hunted. It was going to be hard enough to keep it a secret very long as they refused to age and wither, but best it was a gradual realization than a shock impressed upon the world of Orbis.

An extensive portal network was set up.. as now he was up to governing on 4 distinct and active worlds.

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