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Let's fight some wars and fire some nukes <3 

(catch me at least one round for old time's sake if I ever grow or you fall enough to be in range of me :P)

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I will take responsibility for what I have done, if I must fall, I will rise each time a better man.



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5 minutes ago, Apeman said:

That moment when you know you shouldn't have maxed my slots. Enough alliances around know that. Ask tcw


Lets see if we can drop you down into the 4k range again!


I wish you luck my monkey friend and thanks for inviting me into tearing you apart!

Edited by Sephiroth


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3 minutes ago, Apeman said:

300 on 60. That's it. Not only that but possibly the best and biggest to do it. Please tell me how great you are. It shows

well it was either you guys or IQ and co for the nth time for people we could fight. I think we picked the more entertaining choice. You're free to disagree of course.

Edited by japan77

I don't sleep enough

Also, I am an Keynesian Utilitarian

Lastly, Hello world

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