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Tribute to the Past

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"Either destroy your enemy or don't inflict harm upon them, as people take revenge for the smallest of injuries."


With more resources becoming abundant through trade and commerce the GSO has been able to make investments in many areas and aspects of GSO life. However, the free people aren't able to enjoy these aspects without a cost. For the history of mankind has been made in war and bloodshed, an aspect not ignored by the government aware of the danger of neighbors and fellow countrymen. These resources, along with the success of a volunteer force picked out of a conscript reserve has given the country the ability to increase their military by 25% nearing full militarization for a peaceful force.


The pen is only useful to a point however. While Arab Tribes flock to join the side of the GSO in Kuwait, and Iran many other netural nations infringe on the GSO. Near the Caspian Sea a small band of militia conducted raids on GSO towns. The official death toll after two nights of raids climbed to a total of 10 fatalities, mostly police and paramilitary but some civilians. Once the report arrived on the Sultan's desk it was quickly realized that the pen would not spare any more lives in this region and that the North was unable to be worked with.


At dawn three Destroyers departed from GSO waters near Ramsar and headed near the cities of Lankaran and Masalli. Being backed by air and now navy, the military moved in from a combined force from Ardabil into the enemy territory with 5,000 soldiers, 500 armoured vehicles and with the support of a handful of bombers and strategic strike jets. By midday the military had already entered the outskirts of Lankaran where the Commanding Officer issued a surrender order to the enemy of unknown strength, though suspected to be smaller than the GSO task force sent in.



Currently no answer nor actions have been taken against either the attacking or defending armies. However it is suspected the GSO military will strike at sunrise. If successful there will be virtually nothing stopping the GSO from capturing the entire province and establishing a firm hold over the Southern Caspian Sea. The conflict has also seen more military forces move towards the Caspian Sea to balance the power of the SOE, Caspian Tribes, and secure the entire northern border of the GSO.

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As time progressed and the Caspian Tribes expected to have been bombed by now nothing happened. The animals continued about, the people in nearby villages kept to themselves and while a significant amount of soldiers were ready to wage war, all was quiet on the Northern Front. The village wasn't even blockaded as food was able to be brought in. No shots were fired at either side, until at Sunset prayer an announcement was made.


"Brothers and Sisters of the god-fearing faiths! When I was chosen as the Sheikh of Foreign Affairs for the Grand Sufi Order I swore to myself that we wouldn't divide the Middle East. I swore to not kill my fellow beings unless in self-defence. I swore that under our one god we would prosper and our law, would be that of Gods. Today, we avoid bloodshed amongst Muslims, Christians, and Jews. Today, we will go home to our family with victory in our heart. The Caspian Tribes occupying the Northern Border will join us as our own. The Shia, Sunni, Tribes, Christians, Jews, so on, will join the peaceful domain."


What was expected to be a few hours of diplomacy was extended towards the entire day. From sunrise to sunset GSO's Sheikh chosen for the image of the nation fought with his mind to spare the youth of today from a fight with weapons. In order to unite a greater Middle East the Caspian Tribes would be given Self-Governance under the condition a single system of leadership would be chosen. That tribal affairs would be cast aside for the truth of God, and for the lives of those that were almost lost at a battlefield. The GSO divisions sent were sent back to their original ports and bases ending the near war.

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"As salamu alaykum wa rahmatullah....as salamu alaykum wa rahmatullah" The Sultan finished his fajr prayer and began repenting to God as he sat in his house doing zhikr. It was rare for him to publicly address the people or even meet with his own Sheikh's as he remained home most of the time. Unless in a time of crisis, his political days were all but over since bringing a majority of the lands under one banner. It was however, until there was a knock at his door.


At the door was Zackaria and Ali, two Sheikh's of Foreign Affairs and Defence respectively. After inviting them in and drinking some tea quietly in the living room under the setting moon the Sultan was the first to speak. "I assume this is something important, otherwise you wouldn't have made the trip to Jerusalem." the Sultan spoke softly to the two. "Indeed Sultan, it is a decision we have come to you for answers." Zackaria replied, the Sultan would decide the course of action, and the rest would be up to him. Ali then continued, "Sultan, an unknown organization has armed and brainwashed our people. We detected dual movements in and out of the region along with our undercover confirming a terrorist plot on our lands."


The Sultan thought for a second as he sipped his tea looking at the two before answering. "If...we know they are armed and seek to hurt the innocent. But, they are of our own we must do something. If they are returning home, then we must strike when they are least violent. Ali, you will have your officers establish law and bring them to justice. Zackaria, you will bring a message from the Imams of the land and let anyone who wishes to follow these men's examples that it is a crime against God, and these lands. God Willing you will be successful."


The two gave their goodbye's and thanks before leaving the Sultan's house. A few phone calls were made on the trip back to the Capital and before Isha prayer the media would enter a frenzy at the news. National headlines were made and the night turned quickly into a daylight buzz. Under the orders of the Sheikh's a massive raid was conducted into known areas where the police captured hundreds of suspects and before midnight, the buzz was finished, with only an aftermath.


The next morning suspected terrorists and criminals were locked up under a list of charges. All the while Imams all around the country began a vast amount of lectures and speeches. "Brothers and Sisters, it is said that those who kill except in self-defence or in danger, it is as if they have killed all of mankind. It is as if we have went back to Habil and Qabil. Where one brother kills the other in cold blood. It is Shaitan that tempts us with these crimes, to murder and disobey God so that we enter Hell. And by God I do not wish to see the pits of hell filled with the faces I see today, the ears that hear this message, and the hearts that follow it. I ask those who have confusion and evil in their hearts, turn to the light, repent and follow the right path. For the one you are on, isn't the right one. May God forgive those who have become victims to evil, and allow them to join the ranks of the believers, and the light of Heaven. Amen"

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"As one chapter ends a new one begins." - First Sheikh of Foreign Affairs (Grand Sufi Order)


At the stroke of midnight and after a few weeks of terrorist and insurgent activity peace has finally visited the Northern Region of the Grand Sufi Order. This comes with the peace between various religious and armed groups that had aimed to attack GSO interests both at home and abroad. Any sense of large mass disorder has finally come to rest as both Internal and External factors have played their game and ended the standoff between Caspian Tribes and the GSO.

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