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Prince Hunter of Bavaria

“The sky is the limit only for those who aren't afraid to fly! " [France Foreshadow of War]

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"We choose to go beyond earth in this time and to complete what our grandfathers could not. We did this not because it was easy, but because they are hard and because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win.”

- Prime Minister Laura Chauve 

       Comandement Spatial des Nations Unies: Bern, France

   "Commander, As you are aware, this intelligence was brought to our attention by the Resorian Imperium. We can confirm, from Commander Mitya at the United Nations Space Command that this threat is of alien origin which is hell-bent on the destruction of humanity. Our best estimates are that this threat is capable of interstellar travel, has an arsenal of missiles and ship weaponry at a higher rate than those here in France, however, is quite lacking in ground armaments. Our scientific team at Luna Base is working with Resorians and we do know that they have a different hierarchal class system based their body structure. We can only assume that this is an imperial space race." 

  "On that note, The EUROCOM has a prevalent theory on the attack on EUROCOM headquarters. Before it was attacked, and unlike what was said publically EURCOM was working on a chemical weapon. Medusa. The virus was intended to be a fail-safe mechanism to protect Earth, which eradicates all extra-terrestrial life in its perimeter. The virus utilized a compound structure that would allow most carbon-based life-forms resilience while non-lethal to humans. Based on the archives of the Fortress of Solitude, we are able to ensure that the virus is not harmful to humans. We believe, an alien threat attacked the bae to disrupt the chemical-weaponization of Medusa which was in its final stages."

  "General Kruger, you mean to tell the Space Command that EUROCOM was exceeding its jurisdiction by creating and investing alienonic biological warfare?"

  "General May, EUROCOM's duties are to protect France from all European threats and I can assure you that the Akaatan are not of this earth. In conjunction to our duties, EUROCOM has quietly and effectively created a virus that can and will be able to destroy the Akaatan and any other alien threat. However, the production of Medusa is both costly and dangerous."

 "General Kruger, you ha...."

 "Ladies, let us remain calm. The Medusa virus is a vital asset to the new French space Command Structure, however, we must move towards establishing more weaponry and a greater arsenal of troops to expand into the vast unknown. The V.S.F Napoleon will begin making trips to Mercury where the Imperium has given us technological wonders to terraform the planet and begin both colonization and extraction."

 "As you are aware Prime Minister Chauve, NORCOM wishes that they be in charge of this space exploration program." 

 "I have to Object Madame Prime Minister, EUROCOM has been leading the development of interstellar capabilities and militarization of our space capabilities." 

 "Ladies, General Sazaki has made it clear alongside CEMA Maximillen that the Space Command will not be structured around North Command or European Command soley However, as Diane made it clear, EUROCOM is best equipped to lead this effort and such, I believe EUROCOM will handle our military aspect of the French Space Command and NORCOM will assist with peaceful exploration of Space in conjunction with EUROCOM." 

 "Generals, The CEMA and Prime Minister have drafted orders for you to report to EUROCOM for debriefs before returning to your Command Posts." 

General Sazaki, The Chief of the Joint Armed Forces, and the Prime Minister left the Space Command in Bern. The Napoleon was set to leave for Mercury within weeks after its crew completed extended training and the Armee de l'espace was well equipped for a possible year long deployment. 


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The V.S.F. Napoleon rose slowly from its port in the classified advanced naval development base in the Arctic. The V.S.F. Napoleon was the first test of the Ceaser-Dreadnought Class of Starships for France. Under the thick winds of the Arctic, Capitan Maurice Dior a highly skilled and decorated officer of the French Marine. His new mission required the utmost of focus. 

Bridge of the V.S.F. Napoleon  

Commander on Deck! 

Commander Dior walked up the large fleet of steps onto the Bridge of his new ship. As the Napoleon flew into Orbit, it saw the stations and ships of the other Earth nations. The Napoleon's primary goal was to establish the shielding of key sectors inside Mercury to begin the terraforming of the planet. 

The Armee de l'espace diverted 3,500 of its Ground Forces complemented with 20 Foch-Interceptors, three Lecrec Tanks, and twelve Tiger Helicopters were transported by the Napoleon and delivered by the Ship's troop transporters to the surface of Simocadia. The Inner-rim planet was one of two sources of Agrocite, a rare mineral used to power the Napoleon's Turbo-Cannons and other armaments. The French Military had purchased some 2,000 tons of Agrocite, however, it was very expensive to purchase and the planet of Khorm had begun to stop its supply of Agrocite to France. The French Armee de l'espace was tasked with landing in the city of Simocadia with a diplomat to arrange the ownership of a handful of mines on the planet or to forcefully claim the mines and defend them at all costs. 

"Commander, Brigadier-General Lousie is hailing us from the surface.”

“Roger, put her through Antione.” 

"Yes sir”

A hologram of Brigadier-General Louise appeared in-front of Commander door. 

"Commander, it is good to see you."

"Likewise Brigadier-General, what is the situation on the surface?”

“Not good, there is heavy smoke erupting from the main city. I’ve sent some scouts to recon the area and report back, we’ve established control of two Agocite mines and I have our translator with platoon detachment surveying the local populous to find out information on the city and contract local workers.”

“Very good Brigadier-General. I will take the rest of your troops on board the Napoleon and head to Mercury. It imperative you maintain control of the situation. If the situation deteriorates contact the ship immediately.” 

“Copy Commander, Viking-Actual out.”

“May the stars guide us Louise.”

“May the stars guide you back Dior.” 

The V.S.F. Napoleon jumped to light speed as it headed to Mercury. On the Planets surface, the French Armee de l’espace dropped troops to the surface to begin terraforming the planet. The device donated by the Resorian Government would allow the French Spatial Marine to begin terraforming the planet. It would cycle the carbon in the atmosphere and replace it with Oxygen eventually enriching the soil to provide provisions while cities are developed. Within two years the planet would become self-sustaining and an additional five to eight years the planet would drastically develop similar attributes on earth. The Napoleon would hover over the surface delivering supplies and occasionally check-ups by the senior command. The 2,400 strong crew and auxiliary 70 pilots ran exercises, pulse-ammunition live-exercises, and other simulations to ensure combat readiness. Inside Commander Dior’s private office, a message was awaiting him from the Bern Command Center. 

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    The French Armee de L’espace had positioned themselves on hilltops and ridges providing 360 vision over the vast opens fields of the planet. The locals had been angered by the seizure of the Agrocite mines which were vital to the local economy, but also the imperial government. They had sent an army group of 30,000 to capture the mines with deadly force. The 30,000-Strong Imperial Army would face off against a smaller 3,500 French Army Brigade. 

The Brigader-General moved her lecrec tank regiments forward to aid the Mechanized VBL unit as they held a defensive posture. The forward outposts would retreat to the hilltops of the Mountain Range. Supply vehicles moved forward and artillery crews prepared timely cover and supporting roles to the troops falling-back and holding the lines. 


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Prime Minister Chauve spoke to the rising class of the Napoleonic School of Space on Earth. 

The age of empires is above us gentlemen. The galaxy is here for the taking, but those whom we share these paths with will one day betray us. We must learn like our fathers did that we must never rely on our allies. We cast our gaze out onto the stars, looking back at Earth with the glimpse of hope that one day your journeys across the galaxy will bring our people a new future. We take the boots of our forefathers as they trekked the swamps of the new world as they wondered the desolate plains of the Midwest. We are the explores of today, and we will be the spark of hope for the future. As you proceed to join the French Imperial Naval Forces, you will meet races never connived before, you will discover planets of magnificent beauty, and you will fight battles on ash planets, you will fight for the integrity of not only France but for Earth. You are our golden shield against the threats we face. Viva la France, Viva la Rouyame, Viva l’armee d’Espace, et Viva la Marine Spatial. 

Admiral Picket of the French Space Navy led The Prime Minister and her protection unit onto the V.S.F. Kara Zor-El. “Prime Minister Chauve, welcome to the V.S.F. Kara Zor-El. This was the last ship to be commissioned by President Korczak, and we thought you would do us the honor of farewell to the crew of the Zor-El.”

The Prime Minister exhaled, “Thank you Admiral. I would be honored too.” 

Laura walked with Admiral Picket and the officer corp of the Spatial Marine and the Armee de l’espace to the forum chambers. The V.S.F. Kara Zor-El was the Navies largest and most advance ship. Equipped with Turbo-lasers, Quad-lasers, Ion Canons, and Plasma Shields with a Warp Core. The Ship was operated by 3,000 Naval Personnel, with a compliment of 300 Pilots and 5,600 Ground Troops. It would escort the V.S.F. Kal-El from Port to the United Nations Space Command on Reach where the UNSC Triumvirate were located. "The Kara Zor-El holds special pride for the French Armed Forces. It was the last ship, to be commissioned by President Korczak. While we remember her, we hold her wishes of a French empire across the stars closer. We hold in our hearts as we continue to strive for that goal. We hold it dearly as we battle through the voids of space for our future, a future only we can inscribe. Today I wish off a valiant crew and the triumvirate of the French UNSC Task Force Xiaver Rousseau as he joins the Ottomans and Resorians on Reach. Hold fast the honor we hold dear, and hold tightly the bonds you have formed. Long live this republic, and long live the Kara Zor-El." 

His Majesty King Felix met with Governor-General Brian Williams of Belgium in a handover ceremony between French and Belgian authorities. The move effectively placed control of British Belgium under French Control. Switzerland has been annexed as apart of the Crown Mandate with Geneva and Bern major French-speaking regions being incorporated in the United Kingdoms.

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Comandement Spatial des Nations Unies: Reach

  A company of French Soldiers trod quietly on the surface of Reach. They had begun to train in counter-insurgency tactics facing other companies of CSNU [UNSC] troops in combat operations. The Combat operations had gone on for almost two years, relentless training. 

Comandement Spatial des Nations Unies: Mercury

Gentlemen, we've encountered unknown hostilities at sector seventy-seven. We are postponing the Prime Ministers visit to the terraformed planet. We will upgrade defenses at the planet, 15 Ships will be deployed, and the Flag-ship V.S.F. Kal-El will be spearheading our defenses here. 

Comandement Spatial des Nations Unies: Bern

Over 65,000 French Space Marines were placed on Reach, meanwhile, 75,000 were placed at French colonial outposts, and additional 125,000 stationed at Mercury. Our Fleet has become enlargened by 50 Napoleonic-Class Ships. We have begun to deploy 15 Ships and the flag-ship Kal-El will provide a vanguard for Mercury. The Fleets over our mining colony will be headed by the Flag-Ship Kara Zor-El. 

We will send the directive to the Prime Minister's office. 

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Government Structure of His Majesties Spatial Territories

Admiral Xavier of the UNSC

His Majesties Spatial Armed Forces

350,00 Spatial Marines

55 Napoleon-Class

10 Spectre-Class Ships

[Going to edit later]

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City of Titan.

Over Eighty Billion in investment, thousands of workers, research sharing, and years of wait. The Planet of Mercury was fully terraformed by the French Company XCORP Aerospace and Fabian Starship Manufacturing alongside the French Government. The City of Titan is the Capital of His Majesties territories on Mercury. With over 450,000 residence, nearly a quarter of which are UNSC Personnel apart of Solis Shield, the planet is growing and sets the foundation for all future French space colonization. 


Battle-fleet Bismarck, Operations Deck, V.S.F. Kal-El

A fleet of ships drifted in the endless void of space silently. The silence of space, the peace of the stars, and the vast unexplored. It was the new Frontier the Marine Spatial was exploring. The Starfleet comprised of smaller vessels designed to explore and return with data on new planets and lifeforms. Mercury was a launching station for the newest expedition group Cleopatra.


Battle-fleet Bismarck was the rear vanguard of His Majesties Space Territories on Mercury. The large and advanced, were notable by any ship within its vicinity. 10 of the largest ships in The French Space Navy were deployed to Mercury alongside Two frigates and three Star Destroyers.

On the Operations Deck, the Fleet Commander stood overlooking the fleet. Admiral Vincent had severed in The Republic’s Navy, commanding the F.S. de Gaulle carrier before transferring in his seventeenth year of service. He was stern, adaptive, and charismatic. On board the ship, Prime Minister Chauve transversed the multilayer levels of the ship meeting with the large crew and her security personnel of the Spatial Armee. The Bridge was bustling with shipmen calculating speed, hailing foreign vessels, policing UNSC territories, and maintaining a protective bubble over the cities on Mercury. 


The Chief Officer stood at attention as the Prime Minister entered the bridge. “Attention on Deck.” The Crew stood at attention as did the Admiral as they saluted their Commander in Chief. The Admiral extended his hand which The Prime Minister shook. “Welcome Madame Prime Minister, I hope you enjoyed you shuttle launch.” The Prime Minister laughed, “It was a memorable experience…least to say. How is the Kal-El doing?” The Admiral moved forward to the windows of the Bridge. “The Kal-El is a Napoleon-Class Dreadnought. The most expensive ship in the Fleets arsenal, but its most powerful one. Alone it could take on at least a dozen or so frigates and destroyers.” The Prime Minister looked at the various crew pits what would be to the naked eye gibberish on the screens. “What is the status of this fleet and other fleets?” The Admiral moved backwards to a virtual map of charted space. “As you can see, there are nine other Dreadnoughts in this fleet, two frigates, and three Star Destroyers. This makes the bedrock of the Vanguard for France and the UNSC. This Fleet is set to be broken down amid budget fears we are overspending on the Dreadnoughts. These ships are very expensive, but we’ve managed to space our deployments to include one dreadnought in each of our fleets. At the moment, we have four battle fleets spaced out into two defensive groups and two offensive groups. The Bismarck Battle fleet tasked with defending UNSC territories in Solis, The Isabela Battle fleet defending the two hundred or so mining stations on Simocadia, Moniao, Arcadia, Frakcoai, and Titania. We have the Napoleon Battle group leading our counter-pirating war on the Hutts and the Trebians. The Kennedy Battle group that is fighting the arachnids and mandalorians across the ‘Neutral’ systems. This fairly evens the spread of our fleets, but of course all four battle fleets are intertwined in their missions.” The Prime Minister’s face looks contracted as she stares at the map. “Why are we in the Neutral System? Would that not anger many of the Neutral Planets?” The Admiral motions for the cartographer to pull up the Neutral System map. “Madame Prime Minister, the Planets in the Neutral System are suffering from pirate raids and criminal syndicates using the instability left by Mandalorian Warriors called Death Watch. They raid planets to capture slaves, collect bounties, terrorize populous centers to turn over harvests and wealth, and collect materials to sell on the black market.”  The Prime Minister was a bit taken back. “Why haven’t we been briefed on this nature, and why haven’t we gone to the UNSC with this?” The Admiral opened a digital directorate. “On March of 2006, this was last year. My Office delivered a twenty-four page report on the matters of the Neutral System which the Office of the Prime Minister was notified and remained adamant that the French Navy will deploy to protect the interests of her companies and her vital allies on Mandalore. Duchess Satine has been receptive our troop deployments as we have been respect of their neutrality and their sovereignty. Bringing the UNSC is an option, but the UNSC is currently embroiled in Operation Terran Shield and Majestica Saber on Terran as well as coming out of active combat with the Geth. To pool already limited resources would allow the Covenant to strike us in blind spots, or withdraw UNSC support for Titan Saber against the Arachnids.” 


The Prime Minister and Admiral continued the discussion for another hour before the Shuttle Team informed Admiral Vincent that the ground preparations were complete. The two would shake hands, but before parting their ways Prime Minister Chauve promised to look into these matters and also to meet him once more.

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