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Olive Penderghast

Colony Guidelines

Should these guidelines be accepted into the Organic RP?  

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Colonies are capped at 20 provinces in each colony; with there only being five in total. Any territory outside of your homeland is considered a colony, overseas territory, etc… Colonies are susceptible to rebellion if they are not developed, assimilated, etc… If you are using colonies for resources only you gain more resources, but also cause more instability. Colonies should be developed with governors, policies, etc…as you would a nation. Colonization takes effort and time, so please use them realistically. Colonies can rebel, but the more effort put in the less likely they are to rebel. Other players can interfere with the colonies and incite rebellion etc… It is your task to counter such rebellions through force or through soft power. The exceptions to this colony limit are the South East Asian and Oceanic Islands, due to the nature of the geographic features the water ways between the islands will not be considered as colonies but rather apart of a single region that can not be considered a colony separately.


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