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1'Twas a dark and stormy night upon the ramparts of the long deserted fortress. Periodically illuminated by the flashes of lightning, Buorhann continues around the outer wall, head bent forward into the gusting rain. At long last Buorhann hears their footfall change. Instead of the dull thud of the boot on stone, a higher pitched clanging sounds. Finally, the trapdoor, the secret entrance to the great keep of old has been found. Buorhann opens the door jump feet first into the darkness below.

2Buorhann finds a quiet clearing and takes a moment to rest. While Buorhann is day-dreaming a thrifty kobold cuts their purse strings!

3Buorhann got hungry while adventuring and found a rabbit to cook.

4A horn echoed in the distance. Not a sweet sound, but a foul, screeching sound. It was certainly goblin-crafted, which meant soon the hills would be swarming with them. It was time for Buorhann to get on the move.

5Buorhann happens upon a stream hidden in the forest and takes some time to rest.

6While walking along, Buorhann hears some noise in the distance and heads towards it.

7Buorhann wanders through the sunlight forest , and comes upon a strange pile of leaves.

8Buorhann continues down a forest path, the sun playing among the verdant leaves of the surrounding trees. A warm breeze seems to beckon you forward , as if there is something your must see ahead.

9Crossing through a high grassed meadow, Buorhann horse stops short and Buorhann notices the horse’s ears perk up as if trying to locate the source of a noise. After several long seconds, at the edge of the meadow, going back into the forest, about 10 yards to the left of the path, a group of crows spring up out of the grass to take flight, shortly followed by what looks like 2 to 3 rather large vultures. Buorhann approaches the area cautiously to get a better look at what the birds were so interested in.

10Following a river they found, Buorhann hears a chorus of heavenly voices downstream. Following the sound, as if in a trance, Buorhann is confronted by vicious Sylphs!

11It seems as though the trails are never ending. The unbroken vistas of large trees and undergrowth fill the dwindling hours of daylight as Buorhann trudges on. Surely there must be something on the other end of all this greenery?

12Wandering through the Market one busy morning, Buorhann is confronted by a small boy not older than 10. The boy begins to say something and all of a sudden, Buorhann is hit across the back of the head with a fish! When Buorhann turns to see a girl of about 12 holding a large herring! As Buorhann reaches for the girl, they feel a sudden tug at their waist. Buorhann looks back to the boy only to see him running off with a small pouch in his hand. Spinning back, Buorhann sees the girl running the other way. 'Damn kids!'

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haha, I love some of the adventure steps entirely too much

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