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Shifting Sands of Protection


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As USMC has fallen victim to a coup, with the "leader" krazymonkeyninja first demoting the other members of high government, and then himself resigning from office, our protection of USMC now shifts to the new home of its members, Apocalypse Meow. Our protection continues to cover all members of the USMC for the next 72 hours beginning 11/11/17, and will cover AM from now until the end of this pact.
We wish our allies the best of luck in this period of transition, but expect this to be little more than a minor cosmetic alteration. Until then, the following articles now apply to Apocalypse Meow and Lordran


Article 1: Shan’do, Thero’shan.

Both alliances shall henceforth be joined in mutual respect for each other, and will engage in public discourse only in such a way that reflects this respect.

Article 2: Oorah!

Should an attack occur against AM, without a valid CB, then Lordran will immediately assist AM to the best of their ability, through diplomatic, economic and/or military measures.

Article 3: Leeeeroyyy Jeeenkins

Should an attack occur against Lordran, or should Lordran attack a foreign power, then AM may move to assist Lordran.

Article 4: Semper Fidelis

While Lordran respects the sovereignty of AM, the latter hereby agrees to consult Lordran and receive approval prior to signing any treaties or

agreements with powers that are unaligned to- or actively aligned against- Lordran.

Article 5: Speak to Aludane Whitecloud

Both alliances agree to share any intelligence that directly affects the security of the respective other.

Article 6: A Final Salute

In the case that either alliance wishes to terminate this agreement, they must provide the other with a minimum of 72 hours advance notice.




High King: Kynlo

Paladin of Foreign Affairs: Syrano


Apocalypse Meow

Leader: Morphine

Edited by Syrano
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