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Emperor Davo

Information on The Modern Empire of Rome (Imperium Populi Romani Huius Temporis)

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Information on The Modern Empire of Rome

Is to henceforth be known by all as one of the following:

  1. The modern empire of rome
  2. tMER
  3. Imperium Populi Romani Huius Temporis
  4. IPRHT


The Senate:

The Senate is made up of government officials that have retired or been removed from the rank of consul. They provide advice to the consuls, or dictator if need has arisen for one to be present. If the government official so wishes, and fulfils the following requirements, they may run or rerun for consul.

  1. They have not been a dictator for any period of time
  2. They have not been a consul for 10 years
  3. They have achieved the rank of Preator or Consul and remained in one of these 2 ranks until retirement

If a government official fulfils these requirements, they may run for consul.



A dictator may be appointed under times of extreme need. For example, if Imperium Populi Romani Huius Temperis is in an important, empire threatening war, then a dictator may be appointed for a period of 6 months.  Every 3 months, the dictator's rule is reviewed by the senate. If 2/3 or more of the senate agree that the dictator is achieving what is right and just for Imperium Populi Romani Huius Temporis, then he remains in power. After 6 months, 3/4 or more of the senate must agree the dictator is:

  1. Achieving what is right and good for Imperium Populi Romani Huius Temporis
  2. Still required to be leading

This number (3/4 or 75%) must increase by 5% every 3 month review, until the percentage is above 100% when a new dictator must be elected by absolute 2/3 majority.


There are 2 consuls at a time, and they rule the empire side by side. They do not have absolute authority, however everything unable to be passed by the Praetors must go to them, and then the senate. The potential dictator must come from one of the 2 dictators. The dictator chosen is elected by the senate. Consuls may only rule for 1 year, then they must retire to the senate. They may reapply for consul in 10 years


There are 8 praetors at a time, 4 of which serve as magistrates and judge affairs put to them but citizens, and the other 4 order soldiers as a general. The consuls generally come from praetors, but not always. Praetors must hold the rank for 3 years before applying for consul.


There are 15 aediles at a time, 5 of which keep law and order in the empire, 5 of which look after health and safety and 5 of which organise public events, festivals and games. Aediles must hold the the rank for 2 years before applying for a higher rank.


There are 8 tribunes at a time. Tribunes look after ordinary citizens rights. Tribunes must hold their rank for 1 year before applying for a higher rank


Quaestors are entry level government officials. There are 64 of them at a time. They must hold their rank for 1 year before applying for a higher rank. They are in charge of the finances. 8 senior Quaustors, who have held the role for over 3 years, are in charge of the 8 departments. Senior quaestors may take the role of Tribune or Aedile at the end of the cycle (when the consuls retire)

Current Position:

Imperium Populi Romani Huius Temporis is currently under the rule of a dictator, whose primary role is to introduce Imperium Populi Romani Huius Temporis as a major military power. It believes in growth by military might. Once Imperium Populi Romani Huius Temporis is recognised as a force to be reckoned with, the current dictator (Davo) will resign to the rank of consul and the Dictator/consul retirement process will truly begin. Davo has begin given special recognition from an unanimous vote from the senate to have the right to rule indefinitely to establish Imperium Populi Romani Huius Temporis. 



***A history of Imperium Populi Romani Huius Temporis's creation will be posted in the next 3 days at most***

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