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Peace mission initiated- Hogwarts missive.

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Just now, Dubayoo said:

Doing something easy has nothing to do with victory.

If anything, that's the problem the game has right now.  Without wars, there are no victories to be had.  People might as well not be playing the game.

I wouldn't put it like that. Rather, it's not that there's no wars, it's that people are pathetically, cripplingly, and stupidly afraid of losing their pixels, so they jump at the chance to consolidate, surrender, cheat, lie, steal, betray; anything that isn't fighting honestly and entertainingly. You're absolutely right though, because if you're not challenging yourself then you might as well just go into vacation mode; there's no victory to be had without a challenge.

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Welcome to Partisan Tries to Pull GoB Away From TKR: Part 203942 Only another 234096 episodes before global war comes, guys! Thanks for HW for giving us a bit of fun though!

>people want more war and more in-game excitement >pays off HW to hit an alliance that is trying to be mildly exciting

I'm running out of whale pictures to post, stahp

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22 hours ago, donsberger said:

I do find this interesting considering this is what TKR wants to do and even TKR's ally say it is a terrible idea.

You're genuinely surprised that people want to defend their friends?

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