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Ya like Papa Johns?


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The Papa-John Papers

The last parting gift from Resplendent Inc. to you.

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Psweet> pro-tip: don't listen to baronus if Prezyan disagrees with him

5:48 AM — +Eva-Beatrice sq**rts all over the walls

Eva-Beatrice> I'd let Sintiya conquer me anyday x)

10:56 PM — +Eva-Beatrice m*st*rb*tes in front of Prezyan

12:13 AM — +Eva-Beatrice has no one to [email protected]#$ :(

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1 hour ago, NuclearNoobian said:

this shit is about to get crazy


btw use code 25OFF to get 25% all you menu items to papa johns and order online for dominos to get 50% off your ENTIRE menu order

Pizza Hutt and nothing but, !@#$.

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In all honesty, the drive to coup The Commonwealth was never there, Justin is a great guy and has accepted many of my fellow mates from previous alliances into his "refugee program'' even giving us a voice by appointing me Minister of defense and then soon to be second in command! he gave me a opportunity that not many alliances would have, hopefully i have not offended anyone within The Commonwealth or close allies with this leak. it was a joke, and hopefully we can keep it that way. 

Vote Turner in the next upcoming election so that he can fulfill his plans to coup the rest of TCW government out and be a powerful dictator   

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The Commonwealth of Resplendent Political Party


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The Drive to coup is always there, it's in the air, it's in the culture, it's everything, it's love and life, it's top kek, fam. You or any other socialist governing bodies can't change it. With Justin it has always stayed a joke because Justin in his all-knowning  people's leader attitudes has never !@#$ed up as bad to activate the old guardians of the flames of the revolution and the coup brigade, with Justin the signal has never been sent, the dog-whistle of coup has never been blown   and we all know only the all-mighty Admin can stop the Signal.      

About the "leaks" or history lessons by Preyzan, loving the fact that me individual awesomeness in not in there anywhere and I can return to my vodka filled exile in peace. 

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Not sure why anyone would want to coup Commonwealth.  They're pretty chill over there.

Section IX is the best section btw.

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