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"Disable Baseball Team" has no confirmation


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What were you doing (or trying to do): Whilst attempting to navigate through my baseball team, my touchpad erroneously registered a doubleclick while the cursor was on "Disband Team".

What happened (describe thoroughly please): Due to the lack of confirmation, my team was disbanded with no way to "undo" this, causing me to lose a large amount of investment for no good reason. Even enabling it immediately did nothing.

Link to page: https://politicsandwar.com/obl/team/id=20719

Any other relevant information: I managed to lose 50k in uncouped investments due to this. The lack of a confirmation is serious oversight due to the possibility of a large loss of money; this amount seems relatively minor compared to investments of other nations in the game. The lack of confirmation is also inconsistent with the settings "Host Home Game" and "Play Away Game."


Screenshot: N/A

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Agreed, though losing 50k isn't that big of a loss...if you're in an alliance, they can easily fund the $50K back and a whole lot more. I'm not sure if Sheepy would actually apply these changes though, he's already said that he won't touch baseball. 


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I'll throw you a $1mil.


Oh hell, I just noticed who you were in-game.  I mean, you do bring up a good point about No Confirmation on the deletion of the baseball team.

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I'm very well aware that 50k is nothing compared to the budgets most people have. Still, the potential is there for an accidental loss to range into millions or so, and this could be considered a minor bug/oversight.

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