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President Ali

Cyberdyne Insurance L.L.C

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Tired Of Rebuilding After Wars?



Tired Of Your Weakened Post-War Nation Getting Raided?



Does Your Alliance Not Rebuild You After Meaningless Wars?



Tired Of Giving Your Lunch Money To Pirate Bullies To Avoid fights?



Not To Fear! Cyberdyne Insurance L.L.C Has Your Back 24/7 365 Days.





Cyberdyne Insurance L.L.C Is a Profit Based Reliable & Flexible Insurance Company.

We Provide A Variety of Insurance Policies That Cover You For A Weekly Payment.

That's Right, you pay a fixed amount every week and if you are attacked we rebuild you!


No More Paying Pirates  :ph34r: and Rouge Alliances To Prevent Them From Raiding You!



Forget The Rest, Meet The Best & Ignore Pests.  B) 


Cyberdyne Insurance L.L.C Will Give You The Appropriate Coverage For A Reasonable Price.






The Process Is As Simple As 1-2-3-4:


(Contact A C.D.I Representative to Get a Free Risk Assessment That Will Affect Your Insurance Rates)

(Please Note Cyberdyne Insurance L.L.C Is A For-Profit Organization designed to satisfy consumers, investors and staff)

(We provide reliable & flexible Insurance policies but reserve the right to deny coverage to users that meet certain criteria)

(Please Read Our Section On Consumer Policy Below Or On Our Site: http://insurance.politicsandwar.site/consumer-policy/)




[A] Situations Where Insurance Claim’s Are Accepted:

  1. You are attacked, and you did not provoke in any way the attacks on your nation.
  2. Your alliance is at war, and the attack on you is not from a belligerent in the war.
  3. Your alliance has purchased universal coverage and is faithful to article A1.
  4. The claim is made before you retaliate against the aggressor(s).

Situations Where Insurance Claim’s are Denied:

  1. You start and/or provoke a war against your nation.
  2. Your alliance is in a state of war with other alliance(s) of which belligerents attack you.
The beginning of the war(s) predates your insurance policy purchase. You bought Insurance After A War & Then Claim Reparations.

[C] Situations Where Insurance Applicants are Denied:

  1. Your Risk Rating exceeds the #5.
  2. You have been banned for misconduct, misbehaving, insulting and/or any other aggression.

[D] Additional Reserved Rights:

  1. Policy rates can be changed at any time, clients will pay the new cost once their plan expires.
  2. A client that continuously misbehaves, spams, insults and is disrespectful can be terminated at any time.
Insurance Claims that are accepted have the respective sum of $ transferred within 24 hours-1 week.




What Are You Waiting For?


Get The Insurance You Need, When You Need It, However You Need It!


Applications Are Already Rolling In, Remember We Reserve The Right To Deny Membership!


Hurry Up Before It's Too Late To Get The Coverage You Require.



Cyberdyne Is Here To Help! The Question Is Will You *Cough* Pay For It Accept  it!




//Contact Grealind or Ali For More Information.

Edited by President Ali

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inb4 insurancees(?) get raided by pirates

Edited by YaBoiCasaron

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So...what's the point of getting alliance insurance if wars against an alliance aren't covered?


Also, I'd like to question the wisdom of naming your company after a company that is known for having been blown up. 


Nice spreadsheets tho  :D

Edited by Joel James

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No More Having to Get Loans From Fictionally Named Banks That Exploit You!



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It's ok u can still exploit me

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Right?  We perform a valuable service to Orbis.  If people don't like it, they can just not take our money.

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