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Goodbye from Greatnate


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I figured I should give a formal goodbye since I left after 2.5 years of this game. I've been through four alliances, each with a solid group of people who's company I have enjoyed. At some point though, you get to thinking that enough people have quit that maybe they know something that you don't. I loved being in Asgard, Alpha, TEst, and CKD. Half of those alliances are gone and the other half have changed enough for me to not feel comfortable staying. We you've seen the third crop of friends quit, it's time to move onto the misty fields yourself.


I'll be on TEst discord every once in a blue moon. I could give  a thousand shout-outs, but I'd like to think that everyone I've met knows what I think of them. If they don't, you can assume that I love you and be assured that you're probably 90% correct.

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Sorry to see you go, Greatnate. Even though we were rarely on the same side of anything, you always seemed like a cool guy and a bright scientist. Good luck!

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