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Donald Trump

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Your whole alliance is !@#$ing stupid, but no one says anything about that now do they, so if you could shut the actual !@#$ up, that'd be greeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaat. 

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ia. pls allow constructive, on topic discussion. e.g. presenting arguments but not necessarily comments like "ya i agree"


Your whole alliance is [email protected]#$ stupid, but no one says anything about that now do they, so if you could shut the actual [email protected]#$ up, that'd be greeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaat.

lmao are u ok?? do u need a hug?? some chocolate??


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i have the sniffles right now, allergies are bad

Holy shit, absolutely this 2^3295%. I legit haven't been able to hear out of my left ear for almost a week now, even taking prescription strength allergy medicine. 


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Because it's [email protected]#$ stupid. 


What I think is !@#$ing stupid is that so many people can't seem to get through their head what a NDF is, or don't care what it is and post anyway. If anything, the warns for this needs to be enforced better, as well as harsher punishments.


While I'm all for comedic posts that make us all laugh, it's not appropriate in a NDF, and just wastes mod's time.


As another suggestion, perhaps make the game/forums section of the forums where only mods and the person who made the report can view the thread. It's easier than having to police and issue so many warns for people posting in a NDF and will protect people who made a report from being targeted in-game.

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(linking posts because the thread is locked and I can't quote)


I'd be open to the idea of absolutely serious posts being allowed, such as:





What I don't think should be allowed are jokes and one-liners, such as:











With that said, I expect this would create more problems than it solves. Take these posts, for example, that could fall in between:





This isn't even covering random clutter posts of people agreeing or disagreeing with no actual content provided.


I'm sure looking through those, you disagreed on some of my groupings, and that's the point. Deciding between the categories above will often be subjective on the moderation team's part, inevitably leading to the usual crew making callout threads and accusations of moderation bias. Regardless of the validity of these accusations, this always happens.






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  • Administrators

This subforum is for game (mechanic) suggestions, not forum suggestions. Take this to Mod Support.


To save you some time, I'll just let you know that I'm not going to remove the rule.

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