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VE has been restored


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Glad everything is back to normal.

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"If we have no choice but to fight, than I'd rather fight for the good guys. I'd rather burn on the side of justice and morals, than greed and gluttony. Justice must be upheld and order must be given to a broken world. Rose must survive because without Rose than evil shall reign. Rose needs warriors, will you aid the empire?"


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Orbis Wars   |   CSI: UPN   |   B I G O O F   |   PW Expert Has Nerve To Tell You How To Run Your Own Goddamn Alliance | Occupy Wall Street | Sheepy Sings

TheNG - My favorite part is when Steve suggests DEIC might have done something remotely successful, then gets massively shit on for proposing such a stupid idea.

On 1/4/2016 at 6:37 PM, Sheepy said:
Sheepy said:

I'm retarded, you win

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Gg Holton, Gg. Now when is impero taking over?

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Mans two modes of existence can be thought of as his light and dark side. He is either the Protector or the Ravager. The Immovable Object or the Unstoppable Force.


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I thank those who stood by us in our time of need, much love and appreciation.

Thank the refreshing, crisp taste of an ice cold Pepsi


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Well good luck going forward. We shall always remember and never forget the Great Viridian Schism.  ;)

Former Grosskomtur, FA Minister and Spitler (IA) -Teutonic Order. Former Reclusiarch (IA) - UPN.



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Im viridian with envy over this :P

"There's nothing you can know that isn't known,
Nothing you can see that isn't shown,
There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be,
All you need is love,
Love is all you need."
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Close one guys!


We can demil now, right?  :ph34r:

01:58:39 <BeowulftheSecond> Belisarius of The Byzantine Empire has sent your nation $0.00, 0.00 food, 0.00 coal, 0.00 oil, 0.00 uranium, 0.00 lead, 0.00 iron, 0.00 bauxite, 0.00 gasoline, 0.00 munitions, 1,000.00 steel, and 0.00 aluminum from the alliance bank of Rose.
01:58:46 <BeowulftheSecond> someone please explain 
01:59:12 <%Belisarius> sleep deprivatin is a &#33;@#&#036; @[email protected]
01:59:14 â€” %Belisarius shrugs
01:59:18 <BeowulftheSecond> we're at WAR. WE ARE BURNING EACH OTHER'S PIXELS

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Thus and finally the cuban missile crisis  Viridian Crisis has come to a close rather not in civil war but in a peaceful and hopeful resolution. hurrah!





Though I still wanted to blow something up.  :(

Doom, Gloom, and Sacred Moons.

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