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I have thought about a new unit and it may add a factor of fun in the game!  B)

We can have Submarines added..

It can work like the spies (which means we cant see how many submarines the opponent have) but we can attack through our submarines.

Attacking from Submarines can result in destroying other submarines, naval ships and infra

This can be somewhat a part of Naval ships..

Military action points and the resistance it decreases of opponent can be kept same as Naval ships.

Spies can get a role in too , for checking how many submarines the other person have the espionages of GATHER INTELLIGENCE will increase too

Do comment about your opinion!  :)

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Here is my proposal for submarines:

Submarines can be built with dry docks. They have an advantage against ships and a disadvantage against aircraft. They can bombard the coast, destroying large amounts of infrastructure but no improvements. They cannot be used to blockade, but can be used to break blockades.


A nation's submarine numbers can only be found by performing the Gather Intelligence espionage operation. Sabotaging ships would have a chance to destroy submarines, and sabotaging submarines would have a chance to destroy ships.


I do not support my proposal in any way, but I want to give others something to work with.


Arrgh! members would be unaffected by the changes.

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Special ship unit? Does the same thing spies can do? I dunno it seems subs aren't useful unless you change some game mechanics like for example, only allowing spies to see land units,other spies and planes and leaving out ships so the subs can identify ships and destroy them.

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