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Klovnar's Curiosity

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We, Who Trek'd O'er the Ever-Tundra

Rift Relative to PW-2 Universe

VRZ Magnanimous Gale; Yamsi Natynozh type Rift Cruiser


How are we doing? Grazhük Kalanok asks. The young Pord stands from his chair and walks over to the displays near the navigator's station. 


Well there's the 'verse from before, the navigator says. We had it marked, recall, nam-DritteJloknam.


Kalanok nods. I do. Bring us around to Sol, he orders.


The ship rolls in the rift. Magnanimous Gale, in PW-1 longer than Chürzhna has been around, is not equipped with it. Unfortunate for Grazhük, but not something he would be unused to. The reactors hum and the ship moves swiftly and is followed by a small handful of other cruisers as well. In total, they make a trio.


Take us out of rift here, Kalanok orders. He moves his hand across the navigator's displays to show him where he wants the exit to be.


Tasi, tasinehdao, the navigator nods.


A dozen AU from the deep azure hues of the world Neptune the fabrics of reality begin to part. It first starts as a minor aberration, but rapidly grows into a grand rend. The sleek bows and industrial lines of the cruisers emerge from this tear and from the depths of the centre of the portal the rift, with impressive hatred, attempts to flow forth into the realm with alacrity. But the Pords, familiar with its terrible ways, do not allow it to flood the domain. Only but minor quantities escape - clouds rolling down from the hull and ballooning pillars of exhaust from the many funnels of the small entourage. And then with each ship having emerged from the rift the tear seems to seal and repair itself and the fabric is none-the-wiser.


There it is... Neptune, the navigator notes. And Uranus as well. They appear to be uninhabited.


Kalanok pans through the displays and observes each of the worlds in-system. Both Mars and Earth appear to be inhabited, he says. Odd.


The sensors officer looks at Kalanok and raises an eyebrow. Without much thought he brings up more detailed information on the world fourth from the star. Looks like it is identical to the one in PW-1, nam-Kalanok, he says. In fact, the signatures I'm reading are exactly the same.


Kalanok steps back. How did that happen?


The bridge for a moment is silent. Kalanok, seeing that none of his officers appear to have had even the slightest inkling of such occurrences, returns to his chair. We've seen enough here, he says.


You might want to look at this though, nam-Kalanok, the sensors officer chimes in again. It looks like there are... Kawaikini living on Earth.


Kalanok waves the information away. Send a message over to High Hunter nam-Talzhyn notifying him of the development and tell him there's nothing to stop our arrival here in the outer system.


Tasi, a reply comes.


It does not take long for a message to be drafted and sent back to High Hunter nam-Talzhyn.

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And to a Realm More Pleasant

PW-2, Sol System


Throughout the Uranian and Neptunian planetary systems, odd signatures begin emanating forth. Before the turn of the minute a pleasant blue glow overtakes the various larger moons of the planets and reality seems to become porous... If only for but an instant. And in this instant, entire towns, cities, and their occupants push forth into the 'verse and emerge onto the moons of the twin ice giants.


We are detecting massive realm breach signatures, nam-Kalanok, the sensors operator says. They appear to be consistent with what we are expecting.


They are centered around Uranus and Neptune? Kalanok questions.


Tasi, tasinehdao, they are centered around Neptune and Uranus. Verifying nature...


The sensors operator tends to the displays. Within moments the moons of Uranus and Neptune come into view. Upon them are the remains of what once were glimmering cities. With this verified the sensors operator sends the information up to Kalanok. 


nam-Knachen, sensors, Kalanok says. It appears that High Hunter nam-Talzhyn and our holdings have arrived in-universe.


A cheer erupts from the officers of Kalanok's bridge. PW-1, ever-unpopular, will not need to be visited again. A hologram begins to take shape on Kalanok's main display port, but it does not take very long at all for the Pord to be recognized. Kalanok bows.


We have arrived in-universe, nam-Kalanok DritteJloknam, nam-Talzhyn says.Make sure that everything is set and we haven't left any aberrations, he tells the cruiser captain.


Tasinehdao, Kalanok says. He bows once more and nam-Talzhyn, now very busy, rescinds his hologram.


For his part Kalanok opens a line with the other cruisers of the group. In unison the visages of their commanding officers appear before him. He looks around to his officers before addressing the other Pords directly:


We will be heading back into the rift. We are to ensure there are no abnormalities left from High Hunter nam-Talzhyn's transit, he says. The other Pords nod and disappear. Kalanok then turns once more to his bridge-crew: Take us into the rift, he says, and they do. 

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