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Need Advice? Is she cheating? Is he trying to kill you? Call 1-800-Thotline

Calvin Coolidge

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If you need advice, you come ask the Advisory Board at 1-800-Thotline. Due to half of the board having "lives", this hotline is only open at 9PM EST Fridays until like 9:30 or 10, maybe longer! 


With our very diverse group, we can answer anything! Ranging from RL to PNW to WOW to freaking Club Penguin. 


We boast 4 different nationalities and two different genders!


The Thot Squad:

Calvin-  specializes in sports, Interwebs, trolling, pnw, money, and politics 

Rebecca- specializes in relationships, girls, and thots

Thalmor- specializes in religion, guns, politics, and psychology

Skandi- specializes in politics, guns, economics, and history

Caanite- specializes in games and stuff




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Is she dying? I sliced her throat open, injected him with Bubonic plague, and carved a slimy face on her heart? Will she be ok?

If god is real, why haven't he smited me?

Is Jesus a bastard? Is God a rapist? Did the "Virgin" Mary cheat on whats his name?

Whos that Pokemon?


Order fresh quality ads, flags, and graphics at Makin'Bacon!

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