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Plotting in the darkness

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Somewhere in Sith Space


 The room was dark, with only a set of six thrones illuminated by large fires next to each one. In each one sat one of the remnants of the dark council, the current ruling body of the Sith Empire. They had a reason to be holding this meeting, of course. The meeting was about what they would do with the loss of Dromund Kaas. After some time, it seemed that they came to an agreement that they must destroy the Emperor of Chernigov, Alexei. Eventually, they left the planet for Chernigov Prime.


Imperial Palace, Chernigov Prime


 Suddenly, the doors to the throne room opened and the members of the dark council entered. In the center, Alexei sat upon his throne with guards surrounding him.

 "So... The Dark Council has decided to finally allow its-self to be destroyed." Alexei said in amusement.

 "You know why we are here: To destroy you." one of the councilors said.

 "And how do you think you will do that, huh?" Alexei asked them.

 "We will do whatever we can." another one said.

 "Everything you can will never be enough. Watching you believe you have a chance is pathetic." He said to them as a whole. Suddenly, the group ignited their lightsabers and prepared to attack him. "You will never have the power to destroy me. To think you could, it offends me." he said to the group before standing up from the throne. "You are blind insects... Let your deaths be the same." he said before electrocuting one of the councilors. "The deaths you've caused... the war you've fueled... They are all mine. This Universe... is mine." he said.

 "I will destroy you." one of the councilors said.

 "Who do you think you are... Darth Marr?" Alexei said to the man who had spoken to him. Suddenly, he lifted the man off the ground and snapped his neck before throwing him into the wall. "You are mine: Servants, Slaves, Weapons... And you will obey." he said as he knocked the rest of the men unconscious.


(OOC: Could a mod please move this to the "Organic Rp" section? Thanks)

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