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Imperial Palace Attacked, Port Royalty Governor Arrested (part 2)

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Imperial Palace Attacked, Hostage Situation 


Early evening yesterday, the Imperial Palace, a symbol of Hungadadian power, and strength was attacked. Masked gunmen took to the security barricades outside a road leading to the palace, and begun a shooting spree. They shot down the Hungadada News Service helicopter and destroyed critical cables used for media transmission. Further more, attackers stormed the HNS BC building and took hostages. The DSDH, Port Royalty Police, HIS, and ICIB are investigating the attack. 

Timeline of events:


5:21 PM

A van filled with at least 20 attackers parks in a secluded alleyway 200 meters from "Security Barricade Old Town". The attackers are dressed in all black, and carry weapons.


5:25 PM

The attackers split into two groups of 10 each. The first group begins firing indiscriminately towards the security barricade, while the second group runs towards the west side of the palace. The first group kills 21 people, including 5 Imperial Guards. 42 people are wounded, 11 critically. One attacker is killed, while another is critically wounded. Port Royalty Police received an emergency call regarding this incident at 5:29 PM. 


5:34 PM

The second group begins firing at reporters and journalists reporting on the Senate Budget Speech. They also fire towards the Palace Park, where civilians are enjoying the warm evening. 29 people are killed, including 14 reporters, and 3 children. Port Royalty Police received an emergency call regarding this incident at 5:40PM. 


5:39 PM

The Imperial Palace is evacuated


5:42 PM

The first group overcomes the security barricade. However, security reinforcements force the first attackers back towards the barricade. A shootout ensues. The attackers barricade themselves in the bulletproof security booths. First police and paramedics arrive at the scene. 



5:47 PM

The second group returns to the security barricade, and fight police reinforcements. A military helicopter is now surveying the scene. HNS Air 1 is also above the scene. 2 attackers lob grenades over towards the security barricade, killing 5 guards. 


5:50 PM

A van explodes at the main plaza in front of Pegasus Commerical Centre. 57 people are killed, with 123 injured. 3 police officers are also killed, attempting to evacuate people from the area. 


5:53 PM

Military forces and Port Royalty Special Forces arrive on scene, forcing the attackers back towards their van. The attackers making up the first group are all either dead or critically wounded. More grenades are thrown towards security forces. 


6:00 PM

Police, special forces, the military, and Imperial Guards force the 9 remaining attackers into the lobby of a government office building. The building is placed on lockdown, and metal shutters shutoff any access towards any other floors, apart from the lobby. 



6:05 PM

The 9 attackers barricade themselves inside the lobby. A long firefight ensues, with each side firing bursts at each other 


6:47 PM

A call comes in that another attack is taking place on the HNS Broadcasting Center (HNS BC). At least 13 attackers raid the building, killing 3 security guards, 2 receptionists, and 1 janitor. The 13 attackers barricade themselves on the 17th floor and take 16 people, hostage. 


7:00 PM

Port Royalty's Governor is arrested. 


7:03 PM 
Imperial Hungadada Navy Special Forces arrive at the HNS Building. With them are hostage negotiators, along with more security reinforcements. 


7:09 PM

First contact is made with the attackers at HNS BC. They are difficult to work with. 


7:15 PM

xAt the Government Building, near the palace, special forces kill 3 attackers. The 6 remaining attackers attempt to further distance themselves from the special forces. They throw their last remaining grenades at the security, before surrendering. 1 attacker is shot and wounded after he attempted to kick an officer. The arrests mark an end to the Imperial Palace attacks


8:18 PM

Journalists and reporters flood the street outside the HNS BC. Police arrest 62, charging them with interfering with the police.


8:24 PM

Police announce that negotiations are going nowhere. "We are doing our best to ensure the safety of the people being held, hostage"




5:00 AM

Police announce that 3 hostages have been released. 13 hostages remain


8:00 AM

A grenade is thrown towards the police and negotiations van. It is a fake. 3 people are arrested


8:15 AM

The Emperor gives a statement to the country:


"In our darkest hour, we must remember to be strong, to persevere, and to fight. These vile attacks have not only strengthed resolve to fight against terrorism, it has begun a second war. Let us not forget the values that make us strong. Families, friends, fellow citizens, I mourn with you at the loss of life. I offer my deepest condolences towards those who lost, a friend, a family member. Hungadada will lie dormant no longer. The despicable barbarians who carried out these attacks shall not only justice, but shall see their likes cut down, demolished, and vaporized. Stay strong, stay vigilant, remain Hungadadian."


8:25 AM

A state of emergency is declared in Hungadada. Schools, businesses, and offices are ordered to close for an indefinite period, while large gatherings are banned. Curfew's in Port Royalty, Lionsgate and Amber are placed. Soldiers begin patrols on the streets. 


1:56 PM

More hostages are released. Only 8 hostages remain. It is now revealed, that overnight more attackers have entered the building. This knowledge is not revealed to the press. Within the next few minutes, negotiations break-down completely, with the attackers becoming more hostile and aggressive. The fate of the remaining hostages is worrying. 


3:46 PM

The hostages and attackers re-locate to the 3rd floor of HNS BC. A special forces raid is prepared, in case of negociations breaking down completely


3:54 PM

Negotiations break down completely. 


4:00 PM

Special forces enter HNS BC. Immediately, gunfire erupts. 3 attackers are killed


4:05 PM

A full-scale assault of HNS BC by special forces is underway. 2 squads enter the building through a back door, while a 3rd squad enters from the 7th floor. A 4th squad enters from the lobby.


4:10 PM

The hostages are secured, with 3 sustaining moderately serious injuries. The situation is declared safe. 


4:34 PM

An official investigation is opened. 



Port Royalty Governor Escapes Custody


Port Royalty Governor Joseph Wellmore has escaped house arrest in Lionsgate. He was arrested amid attacks in Port Royalty for an unknown reason. Apparently, a gun locker, containing a weapon owned by Mr. Wellmore was found unlocked and empty. The ICIB has issued a warrant, along with a reward of $200,000. A statement was issued:


"Joeseph Jones Wellmore, Port Royalty Governor has escaped house arrest a few minutes ago. He was arrested yesterday. Mr. Wellmore is likely in possession of a weapon and is therefore considered ARMED AND DANGEROUS. Mr. Wellmore should not be approached under any circumstances without police back-up. If you have information about the whereabouts of Mr. Wellmore, please call the hotline 555-156-909"



Wellmore was last seen outside a vehicle-repair shop near Lionsgate Central Station. 


(end of part 2)






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No offense but with all these random attacks on the government Hungadada sounds like it is very dangerous :P

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France has closed its Embassies and issued Travel Warning to Hungadada; The French-Hungadada Underground tunnel has been shut down, and we are working with the Hungadada Government to find our citizens.


 A statment from the French Ministry of Transportation "The EU Open Borders Policy is in effect, however for the safety of France and the EU the tunnel will be closed. French and Hungadada authorities are working together and we will have an update later. 

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No offense but with all these random attacks on the government Hungadada sounds like it is very dangerous :P


I know. :-)

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