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Forward, always forward.(Organic RP)

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Gerwannia System
The fact that little, if anything, happened in the PW-1 Verse to throw a wrench in the Economic Planning Department's calculations made its overall development far more rapid than other troubled Verses. When the Frankians had arrived initially they had relied on their own resources; through much effort and much faith the colonials were able to reach living standards as required for a chartered colony. Though a success from an engineering perspective, the Gerwannia System was viewed by the board of the Gerwannia Fellowship to return earnings required to satisfy investors back home. As such, and much to the annoyance of metics who had found themselves become overnight subjects of the Dread King, the Gerwannia Fellowship and the Gerwannian Assembly of Guildiers allotted certain monopolies and trades to wet the appetites of investors back home. This meant a rise in the price of everyday necessities for the large metic community as well as meeting the growing tax burden forced upon them to prop up both the warfare and welfare state. 

 Governor Vaux Drekmall has made promised that with the passing of time this bastion of Frankia on the edge of back of beyond is destined to become as important in this Verse as Neustria is in the NS-Verse. Such talk might sway Fleetlords who have invested part of their savings in the project, but the Assembly has called for more ambitious public works programs to stimulate an economy bereft of Neustria's trade network. So far, the initial hope of Gerwannia becoming an important trade hub or an export leader have been dashed with the lack of native interest in Frankian goods. With trade stagnant in this Verse, newly chartered Colonial Fellowships have been chartered to develop the Verse further so that it might be able to export goods and rents to sure up colonies in more dire straights. 

Metic couple contemplating their increased tax burden. 

Though Gerwannia is slowly drawing further colonists from the Empire as a whole; here, unlike in the rather fractious NS-Verse, the peace is found to be reassuring to those who seek to live in peace. The rise of a Verse carved up by great powers or factions has not yet taken place, and the presence of ancient allies of the Empire has guaranteed increased investor confidence back home. Gerwannian bonds are holding at a steady rate of return at 12%, and as overall investment in production continues more Fellowships are expected to be drawn to the Verse to diversify their holdings in case incidents might arise on those that might prove to run a cropper at some point. 


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