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Whispers From the Alabaster Kingdom [FT; Open]

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OOC: This is basically my introduction here. Feel free to join and if there are any questions I am open to PMs and the sort.



Call on the Lazy-Leaden Stepping Hours...

Somewhere in the Rift;

VRZ Magnanimous Gale; Yamsi Natynozh type Rift Cruiser:


Navigator - location check.


The captain, a young Pord by the name of Grazhük Kalanok, questions his navigator. 


We still have not breached the multiversal fabric. We are still relative to NS-1, but we are nearing the boundaries of the PW-1 multiverse. We should be making contact here within a minute.


Good, the captain replies. He eyes the displays and nods - but not all too visibly; none of the others on the bridge notice. 


The minute passes by without issue. The lead rift cruiser, a small five kilometer long Yamsi Natynozh type vessel with tall funnels and dozens upon dozens of blister-like turret protrusions, is first to breach the multiversal wall. Moments later the other ships in the formation, also long-distance rift cruisers, follow suit. They are three in total and comprise the entirely of the first Nalydian expedition to this new realm.


Following the consolidation of the UMS within the NS-1 multiversal system, High Hunter Hanüch Kornat was more than eager to expand Nalydian influence elsewhere. More than a few hundred years have passed since the ill-fated expedition to the ZB-1 universe (and even more than that since the exodus from (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways)-1); most of what had happened then has long since disappeared from the public memory. Kornat Hanüch spent great time and effort investigating the collapse of the ZB-1 universe - very little information regarding its destruction was actually documented and he was forced to piece together the series of events through logs taken by long distance rift stations observing the realm. What he found was not all to surprising: it made sense that most of Nalydya's claims were summarily consolidated to within the NS-1 universe. It seemed to be the only realm in which the nation had any hope of surviving.


Until now.


We have breached the multiversal barrier, nam-Kalanok, the chief navigator indicates. The captain nods. 


Sensors - give us a long-distance Natyl and Mylchar sweep of this reality. Locate relative close galaxies and see if there are indications of intelligent life or other spacefaring civilizations. From there, zero in on their locations and see if we can find some worlds relative to them that will provide us with a good staging ground.


Tasi! the sensors officer replies, Tasinehdao! the orders are echoed.


Within moments the powerful and massively FTL scanning arrays on the Pordish warships go to work, permeating through the myriad layers of space and time, and within moments the results of their scans are returned.


We have located a number of civilizations within this universe, captain, the sensors officer confirms. But we are unsure of their technological levels. There appear to be at least a few other spacefaring nations, but it seems that this realm is nowhere near as heavily populated as we had initially anticipated.


The captain shrugs. Make steam for the nearest heavily populated region, he says.


In a dimly-lit and uninhabited star system, the three rift cruisers emerge from the terrible realm. They arrive in the orbitals of a plant circling at a great distance from the parent star and release a number of large structures; these massive buildings crash down on the world below and automated construction begins to take place - all of the inner workings of a planetary economy and infrastructure begin to take shape on the dimly lit orb of a planet, and it is then claimed in the name of the Alabaster Kingdom. One cruiser remains to tend to construction and expansion; the other two sink back into the rift and begin to set course for the location of where it seemed the signs of intelligent life are located. They quickly arrive at a planet which upon cursory inspection appears to bear at least some resemblance to a world many Pords are all too familiar with: Earth. But this one, it seems... Different, somehow. 


Comms, prepare to message this world, the captain says. 


Tasi, the communications officer affirms.


A massive trident symbol appears in the sky and through the multiversal translator the Nalydian of Kalanok is converted into a number of different languages - English, Russian, Galactic Basic, Klingon - (just to name a few but many more as well). He speaks clearly and slowly: 


"Greetings people of PW-1. I am Captain Grazhük Kalanok, commander of the VRZ Magnanimous Gale, a rift cruiser operating within the jurisdiction of Imperial Nalydya's Muliversal Outreach program. We have recently happened upon your multiversal system and are extending our hand in friendship. May Jlokhemit watch over us all and Rekazhnar guide our bows through calm and clear waters."

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(This is a fantastic piece. Well written and extremely interesting)

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